The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

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    Good But a miss in the bedroom suite

    Reviewed by jackies62002(Riverside, California) on Aug 04, 2020

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    Restroom was making to much noise, water leaking noise into the toilet. The couch had stains on it. We didn't even sit down on the couch because it just didn't look healthy and since I work in the Emergency Department I didn'twant to risk any virus or infection.

    Wonderful stay!

    Reviewed by 908wendyr(Phoenix, Arizona) on Aug 04, 2020

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    We love staying at the Venetian! The rooms are spacious and gorgeous! The shops, restaurants and casino are an elevator away! They have taken the Venetian Clean program to the max to make sure all of the guests/staff are safe. For anyone considering visiting Vegas, please don't be afraid to come back! Hand sanitizer stations are everywhere throughout the property. Tourists are required to wear masks. We felt safe our whole trip and can't wait to come back soon!


    Reviewed by fightfires() on Aug 04, 2020

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    I used to say it was "impossible not to have a FUN time in Vegas" that was until I stayed at the Venetian. The security guards and staff at this hotel will rudely yell at you every time you walk by them without having a mask pulled up over your face meeting their individual personal guidelines. I was harassed so badly, I video taped a security guard who yelled and chased me and my wife from the self park garage all the way to the elevators leading up to my hotel suite. He yelled and blocked our path as we walked, embarrassing us, he radio'd to get back up "for assistance throwing a white guy off the property who wont wear the mask correctly." He intimidated us by saying he would "physically throw us off this private property" if I didn't pull the mask over my nose and press the nose bridge. The entire time I pointed out non-white guests who also didn't wear a mask. But Maurice had an excuse for all of them saying they're smoking (so its ok to not wear the mask, inhale a cigarette and blow it out all over the place?) or they have a drink (so its ok not to wear the mask if you carry a red bull with you?) I called the manager and complained, he carefully listened and apologized but there will be no changes. Staff does not respect managements philosophy and they are not held accountable. They do what they want at the Venetian. As non-white guests smoked pot openly in the casino and parking garage, I pointed it out to security guards abut they just rolled their eyes at me.

    Not the Venetian I remember

    Reviewed by elmundo2020(San Jose, California) on Aug 04, 2020

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    We spent four nights at the Venetian arriving on Wednesday and departing on a Sunday. The room, while spacious, was showing signs of wear. Given the pandemic, I expected it to be cleaner. There was dust, and empty condom wrapper found the corner. Not a great start to the trip. Like several other guests commented, the pot odor extended to all locations at the resort. We observed people drinking from liquor bottles and smoking pot outside at the entrance to the Rialto Bridge, at the front steps of the outdoor gondolas, and at the pool cabanas. Due to Covid-19 the Palazzo pool was closed during the weekday and open on the weekend. Like other reviewers noted, the resort fee of $51/day remained in place. Like other reviewers commented, there was no social distancing at the pool. During the weekend, if you don’t arrive by 8am, you won’t find a pool chair. Both the Venetian and Palazzo pools reach capacity between 10am and 11am. I got a headache from the obnoxious guests sitting beside me and left the pool for a Tylenol. Even though my belongings were at the pool, I wasn’t allowed back in. When I was allowed in later, my sunscreen and wife’s shirts we gone. The staff more or less told us tough luck, you shouldn’t have left. There room next to ours was partying well past 1am. When we called the front desk, we were told this is Vegas, what would you like me to do. So this captures our experience, quite unlike previous visits, I won’t return.

    Beautiful Property, Rift Raft Visitors

    Reviewed by jonathanaguilar1(Seal Beach, California) on Aug 03, 2020

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    Drug dealings and usage, physical and verbal altercations through-out the resort... Lots of loitering at the casino slots....individuals not gambling) I felt like i was at a low budget motel. Strong Odor of Marijuana through-out the entire resort. Lots of derogatory profanity and yelling of "Black Lives Matter" "F the Police" glass bottles being smashed.... even with the heavy presence of security, police and k-9's