BlueBay Grand Punta Cana

4.5 star rating

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    Reviewed by Adrian S() on Jul 22, 2019

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    Recentely visited Punta Cana, we ve stayed at Bluebay Grand Punta Cana. For start this hotel is not 5 star. I would give 3 or 4 star. Location is scary, close to locals which they live very rough, onestely i didnt wanna get off the shuttle bus, i hopeed till last minute that wasnt our hotel. Junior suites dont have balcony, and if you are unlucky like we were, the view on the back of hotel is a nightmere, 6m tall brick wall, doggy looking houses. The beach is full of algaes, i mean lots of it. You cannot swim at all, unless you are local and dont care. I have seen them . Aparentelly its like that all year round. Hotel ground are ok. Swimming pool is good. Bar service is terible, very slow , especialy by main restaurant. I had to give up many times. Food is good but not too much variety. Staff is very friendly, they do all they can. Enterteiment team is excelent. Pedro, Francisco and Rey relly nice guys. So over all if you looking to relax by the pool, ghis hotel is good. Actually very quite. Swim in the sea its a no no. Beach full of algae and stinks. There are peolle trying to clean but is pointless.


    Reviewed by mos792(Montreal, Canada) on Jul 22, 2019

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    Pros: wifi/the rooms are OK Cons: beach is horrible. Lots of seaweed and the smell is disgusting. The water is dark, look like a lake. The food is terrible with little variety. The resort is practically empty and boring. The pool is OK. The music is very loud every morning and the DJ is constantly playing the same music. The location of the hôtel is very bad. It looks like it is in the ghetto. We didn’t dare to step outside of the resort. We spent money on excursions everyday to avoid staying in the hotel . Do not be fooled by the positive reviews like we did. Search wisely and think twice before booking at this hotel or just save your money and go somewhere else . This is my last time here. Can’t wait to go back.

    This is NOT the place to stay in the Dominican

    Reviewed by MHRABU() on Jul 20, 2019

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    I so wanted to like this place...But...My husband and I traveled here with our 15 and 12 year old kids. We booked it through Costco travel because we 1) trusted Costco's property listings 2) were hoping this might be a hidden gem that offered great accommodations at a great price. We were wrong on both counts. While the property itself is nice enough, the location is awful. Just beyond its gate is a literal shanty town. It is thick and heavy and humid around the property because the bay location inhibits any ocean breeze. The beach water is a stagnant cesspool of seaweed and gunk. 15 minutes up the road, you can find the blue waters and tropical breezes you may be picturing for your Dominican vacation, but you will not find them here. It is hot and muggy on the property, and the only mosquito bites we got during our entire week in the Dominican were sitting on the property's patio while making calls to find another resort. The lock on our balcony door was broken and the advertised "mini bar" consisted of 2 bottles of soda, 2 cans of beer, and 1-1.5 L bottle of water for our family of 4. The advertised "beach towel service" consisted of 2 beach towels in our 3 bedroom condo. Costco advertised snorkeling and scuba on property, neither were there (because who would be snorkeling in brown stagnant water anyway?). The property also listed 4 properties for dinner, but I know at least one of them was closed. The "Beach Bar" was an armoire with a few bottles of liquor and some hot dogs. Blech. Beyond that, I commented to my husband at breakfast how different the service seemed in the Dominican compared to other places we had been. While everyone was nice and polite enough, the employees just had a stress and a weight to them like it seemed like a miserable place to work and the whole vibe of the place was depressing. Nothing like the relaxed Caribbean Beach Vacation we had pictured...and nothing like the upbeat attitude of the employees or the fun vibe at the resort we moved to. We rented a car to find another property the next day and called the resort to say we had checked out (the bill was prepaid with Costco for the all-inclusive resort, so I knew I could deal with it later). They then asked about how we would return our (disposable reprogrammable) key cards and wrist bands. I assured them that I knew the key cards could be turned off and they had no concerns that we would be back to the property to snag a free dinner or whatever the concern was about our wrist bands. The hotel then reached out to Costco saying we had not checked out correctly, so I called the hotel the next day to speak to the manager. The manager was not available, so I gave my number and e-mail so that he/she could get in touch with me any time with any questions about the fact that we were no longer there (which surprise surprise I never heard from the manager) (by comparison, the excellent property we moved to ...that cost almost the same amount...gave us our wrist bands and told us to go get lunch and relax by the water while they got our room ready and we hadn't paid them a penny yet! Shout out to Riu Punta Cana!) There were so many trip advisor reviews that gave me some hope this property may be a great match for us, I wish I had paid attention to real ones that cautioned me to stay away.

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    Vacation with my wife.

    Reviewed by Dylan M() on Jul 19, 2019

			TripAdvisor users rated this property 
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    Me and my wife spent two weeks in BlueBay Grand Punta Cana. We bote had a good, nice resort with good staff. Room was nice and clean. Animation staff was very friendly they were always with positive atittude. Thank you guys.

    Has such good potential

    Reviewed by ani870717(Warwick, United Kingdom) on Jul 17, 2019

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    Genuinely sad to have to write a an average review about this hotel because it could be amazing. Firstly the beach.. the only way I can describe it is awful. The sea is full of seaweed which seems to get worse everyday no matter how hard they try to clear it (and they do try so hard) such a shame. The sand is beautiful and powdery and white but that’s about the only good thing. The smell of the seaweed is horrible and they just put it all in a huge pile which is just sat there rotting. The hotel and staff can’t control the beach but a little heads up if you’re expecting a beach holiday you won’t get it. Secondly make sure you are prepared to tip after your first encounter with a member of staff or you will be given crappy service for the rest of your stay. Most of the staff (not all) seem to expect a tip from the get go and we’re more than happy to tip good service but you don’t tip straight away (even for drinks at the bar) and word seems to spread and then you get bad/slow service. We were made to feel really quite uncomfortable and unwelcome by some staff (again not all) & I’ve never felt like that on holiday before. It seemed most English were treated that way as we just don’t tip to their expectations. Some things on the menu they didn’t have or you would order then 20/30 mins later be told they don’t have what you ordered. It was so frustrating. We would be waiting well over an hour most days. They ran of out gin, white wine, coke and sprite at one point. Our minibar was never full, we never had coffee in the room until our last day despite there being a coffee machine, we were given one bottle of water a day maybe 2 until the last day when they stocked our fridge with corona and other beers plus a good variety of soft drinks as we did end up complaining about the service etc. It wasn’t until we complained that the staff seemed to make a huge effort with us and we got all this stuff in our fridge. Unfortunately a little too late but it was appreciated. Okay so bad stuff out of the way I have to mention how amazing some of the staff were, Carlos German was the main guy at the pool bar and he was just so friendly and nice to us from the day we came to the day we left, he never expected a tip (we did tip him) and he was great. Hulio as reception was always so helpful and polite. The tall guy at the beach bar who wore a white shirt was so lovely also. There were other members of staff who really looked after us too can’t remember all their names. Like I said I am sad to write this review because all these little things could be sorted with better management. We felt so sorry for the TUI rep, it was just complaint and complaint for her. The animation team were great, always involving people in yoga, Aqua areobics, games for the kids and adults, they were fantastic. Entertainment at night was good, lots of fun and gave us lots of laughs. The beach bar is lovely, it doesn’t open until 4.30pm though which is a shame but still lovely. Mosquitos are a nightmare so take lots of repellent with you because you’ll need it. There are a few restaurants, the food is good. You have to book early each day as only one or 2 are open a day.

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