Sheraton Universal Hotel

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    Childrens Wish Foundation trip

    Reviewed by Danny B() on Oct 18, 2019

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    The Sheraton Universal is exceptional!!! When my son was granted a Wish after years of being sick and surviving two open heart surgeries we wanted it to be sn experience of a lifetime. Several Hitel options were offered to us and o called them to see which one withd be best to meet our needs. I spoke to Manager: Ricard Reeves and upon finding out our concerns, needs, and reason for the trip to LA he provided unparalleled Customer Service doing everything possible to make my son's Wish come true. It is rare in today's day and age for any business, never mind a large hotel to have such a personal touch. Empathy, compassion, professionalism and a personal touch you just don't see anymore. It ony took one phone call from Winnipeg to know that this hotel is exceptional! If you want to be just a guest go anywhere...if you want to be treated like family go to the Sheraton Universal! Thank-you for making my son's dreams come true!!!

    Location Location

    Reviewed by 496AmyM(Phoenix, Arizona) on Oct 17, 2019

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    We stayed here as we were going to tapings of shows two different days on the Universal lot. All of the staff was friendly and helpful. We had a room with two double beds. I though it was a little cramped as there very little room on either side of the bed and then with the table, chair and sofa. There was very little floor space. We had to put on suitcase on the sofa.

    Elevators are a massive problem

    Reviewed by christopherc2671() on Oct 16, 2019

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    I had a conference at the hotel. I have stayed here many times and this is my first negative review. They continue to have elevator outages. It seems impossible to me that a hotel this size has issues fixing their elevators. Trips up and down to the room have taken as long as 15 minutes. I would not recommend this hotel until they fix their property.

    Yustina at the Front desk is a disgrace

    Reviewed by celinemiami2019(Miami, Florida) on Oct 16, 2019

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    We visited the hotel for a weekend with my husband. The lady at the desk called Yustina was clearly not here to be helpful. Not one single smile, the welcoming was very poor, and we felt we were bothering. When my husband wanted to pay with his card, she said the name is faded she won’t take it for the payment. When my husband answered a bit upset that he is using it everywhere he goes she answered with a rude tone “i am here to help, no need to give me an attitude”. We were so shocked by her insolent answer that we started to laugh. We could not believe what we just heard. We were not even unpleasant to her. We could not stop laughing by nerves i guess tired by our travel. She has got so mad that she left our check in, in the middle of it leaving us in front of nowhere. Is a like a surgeon leaving an open chest during a heart surgery. If you can’t handle guest do not work in hospitality! She can’t definitely take pressure on her, even if honestly we were not mean or anything to her! The worse in this situation is one of the manager next to us said that laughing was very disrespectful, she took her side accusing us instead. This hotel is a zoo or what is going up there? Are we the guest or in a court? This is ridiculous for a Marriott brand! Total Lack of professionalism! Our matter was not even challenging to take care of. Another manager luckily was there to help making our payment. It seems like not being a Spanish speaker was an issue also, europeans are clearly not welcome in this property.

    Let’s talk about housekeeping!

    Reviewed by N8607BMjulief(Weehawken, New Jersey) on Oct 14, 2019

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    We arrived late from being at the park all day and registered in at about 10 pm ish. So by the time we get parked, unloaded, unpacked, settled in for the night and ready to sleep it’s late. It was a big surprise when housekeeping started knocking on our door at 8:24! Why?????? Why in the world would you knock nonstop until you hear a response on a hotel door that early? That’s just ridiculous! But wait! There’s more! So us two adults go to breakfast and let the teens sleep more. We came back at about 10 and they were getting ready to leave. My friend and I are packing up our belongings when our room door opens! The dang housekeeper again! Seriously!!!??? Check out is at noon! It was housekeeping harassment! I was just dumbfounded. We were only there for the night or I would have complained and made sure it wouldn’t happen again. Other than that the room was nice. Sort of small but clean and recently updated. Check in was friendly and so were the bellman and valet drivers. Food was great in the restaurant.