Casa Del Mar Boutique Resort & Spa

4.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 4 and 5 stars. 4 star - Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services. 5 star - Exceptional accommodation with superior facilities and services.

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    5 most recent TripAdvisor reviews:

    Resort and staff superb, units..not so much.

    Reviewed by Riplip3(Evergreen, Colorado) on Apr 12, 2021

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    I’m torn. The resort is beautiful and in pristine shape. The staff couldn’t be more friendly and supportive. Freddy is a gem. On the surface, everything looks wonderful and breakfast and lunch choices are outstanding. Yes...there is a 2 ?? “but”coming.... The units. This could’ve been a 1 star review, but that would be wrong to the staff. This review is about where you rest your head. I’m a fractional share owner and there are expectations that should be met. The appliances in the units are barely working and some just are not working at all. On the surface they look nice...but don’t work. The jacuzzi wasn’t working and hasn’t been working for months. Just not my unit, but all units in the building where I stayed. The TV’s are outdated, so outdated they are not even close to 1080p and none are Smart TVs. You do have a DVD player...really? Plus, some TVs don’t work properly and the cable provides...maybe 7-8 channels? If you are from Cincinnati, you are able to get a local channel (of the 8)! The furnishing is tired and stained and the outdoor furniture is old, weathered and cushions are torn. One chair broke (due to age..not weight) and a small nail that fell out found its way into a guests heel. Some outlets work, others do not. I meet many other owners and timeshare owners, which have experienced the same or worse, so it’s not just the unit we were in. This resort could be a diamond in the rough, so much land, beauty and you do not feel cramped nor on top of each other. On the surface, it’s a beautiful resort, great staff, but the accommodations, are a huge and disappointing miss. For this type of resort, I expect better.

    On the surface it looks nice, the rooms are in terrible shape

    Reviewed by WO303() on Feb 17, 2021

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    The resort and staff were wonderful. The rooms are is disrepair. Jacuzzi's not working, freezer wasn't working, washer/dryer wasn't working. Shall I go on? Cable is out and only offers 3-5 channels. Electrical outlets don't work. WIFI is spotty at best. It has the look of a 5 star resort, but the accommodations are of a 2 star resort. We have stayed here many years and loved this place. But looks as if the resort isn't spending the money for much needed repairs and replacements. I am sad I had to write this.

    Cheaters and Scammers

    Reviewed by PRGLewes(Lewes, Delaware) on Feb 16, 2021

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    Don't believe ANYTHING any of the sales force tells you. I fought to recover the $6000 they scammed me out of for over a year with no success. They smile at you and then stab you in the back. Then they refuse to take your calls. And to top it all off, the sales staff had a party for themselves in the hotel bar -- probably to celebrate how they pulled the wool over the eyes of the stupid gringo tourists (us) There are so many other resorts in the area that are beautiful, relaxing and are staffed with honest people -- don't stay here. Period.

    Place has gone downhill fast!

    Reviewed by TomCabo() on Feb 16, 2021

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    We are supposed to arrive in March, but after weeks of trying to get information about the unit we had reserved, we were told that the hot tub, freezer and laundry facilities were not working and would not be fixed when we are scheduled to arrive in March. Despite repeated requests to be placed in a unit that was not is such shabby shape, no suitable accommodations or discounts were offered nor have we been refunded our maintenance fee. Nor were we told any of this while they were demanding that we pay our maintenance fee. We only learned about the state of affairs from other guests—not from management! The lack of communication and incompetence displayed by management is inexcusable. We have stayed at Casa Del Mar for many years and loved it, but it sounds like things have gone downhill fast.

    The most perfect wedding weekend and stay at Casa Del Mar!!

    Reviewed by mnpetrash(Denver, Colorado) on Feb 14, 2021

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    We got married last weekend at Casa Del Mar and the entire wedding weekend was PERFECT!! The staff was ALL AMAZING, the service was wonderful and the rooms and resort were beautiful!! Fernanda the events manager and wedding planner was such a pleasure to work with! She was beyond helpful and professional! All the staff was so kind and helpful we could not have asked for anything more!!!! The food and drinks were delicious and well priced. All of our events went perfectly and all the staff made it so special for us and all of our 30 guests! 100% recommend for a wedding, any events, or just a beautiful, peaceful, authentic, wonderful vacation!!! THANK YOU to everyone at Casa Del Mar that made it such a magical weekend for us! We will be back soon!!!