Coco Key Hotel and Water Park Resort

3.0 star rating

Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    Don't waste your money or time!

    Reviewed by cwjj(Pueblo West, Colorado) on Aug 12, 2019

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    Booked through Southwest Vacations; they need to dis-associate themselves with this dump! Floors hadn't seen a mop since they were installed; FILTHY. The entire property was like a giant circus, non-guests everywhere, noisy and the water park is good if you have kids under 10: mine aren't. Pool area was nasty. We booked a 7 night stay; the first night was a decent night's sleep as we were exhausted from traveling and taking in some sights. Night 2 is when the trash moved in next door. Partied the entire night LOUDLY. Asked the front desk to send security over but the noise continued. Night 3 the partying was worse, of course on purpose now since the front desk was involved. Partying from 10:00 to 5 in the morning, like night club loud with several people shouting, yelling, laughing, you name it. Security was useless as was the front desk. We could see the front desk from our room so when we would call the desk we could see them NOT ANSWERING OUR CALLS after it rang 40+ times. Night 4 of all night partying was the final break. We contacted Southwest Vacations to ask to be moved to a different property and thank God they worked with us and got us out of that dump! I wish we had asked to be moved a lot sooner, would have made our family vacation a lot better! I wish I had heeded the warnings from other travelers!! PAY ATTENTION TO THE REVIEWS!! Thanks Coco Key MOTEL (no hotel for sure) for nothing. WHAT A LOUSY DUMP!! NEGATIVE 1000 STARS FROM ME!!!!!!!!!

    Just okay

    Reviewed by SibrenaR(Tampa, Florida) on Aug 10, 2019

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    The waterpark is okay. Pro: It is pretty fun, lots of slides. Cons: Overcrowded, the pool towels they provide are a good size for a toddler, definitely not made for adults, they had one person on staff at the one pool area bar so ridiculous wait time for a drink. The room is very basic. I would not stay here again.

    Could be so much better

    Reviewed by hotelguychris(Twin Cities, MN) on Aug 09, 2019

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    I've managed hotels across the country for over 20 years, and the first thoughts that come to my mind when staying here is that this hotel has so much potential it is missing out on!!! It could be so amazing, instead its leaving a lot to be desired. The good: *Despite other people indicating they experienced otherwise - we found no bugs in our room. * Lobby was fairly attractive, nice and cool. Staff looked professional * Had no trouble checking in, line was short at 10pm * Hotel pool (non waterpark pool) was very warm - was great! The average: * A/C worked - but just barely well enough to keep our room cool enough to sleep. Had to run on high 24/7 set on 65 degrees to keep the room in the low 70's. * Beds should probably be replaced, but I've had worse * Just barely enough parking, we always found a spot, but more often than not it was one of the last 2 - 3 spaces available. * Nice, but fairly expensive self serve laundry on site. * Lifeguards seemed fairly attentive at waterpark, and they shut it down appropriately during lightning. The not so good: * Housekeeping service left a lot to be desired. They were friendly enough, just didn't clean very well. Deep dust on top of wardrobe shows dusting is not something they are expected to do. Floors not cleaned during our stay (7 nights), sheets were bloody one morning (not sure if ours our previous guests), but were still bloody after housekeeping made the bed while we were away. *Main hotel pool was very very crowded - even with the waterpark open. The poor: * TV set did not work at all during hotel stay (never complained, but obviously housekeeping never checked on it) * Toilet plugged with even the smallest amount of TP * We had a lost & found item that would have cost us several hundred dollars to replace (lost rental car keys) - we went to the desk 3 times looking to see if they had them (they did not), but we told them our name and number should they be turned in. As the tow truck pulled up - we stopped by the front desk one last time to try and save the money for a tow and re-keying - and they had them, they simply had elected to not call and let us know they had them. * While the water park attendants seemed attentive, they really appeared to be unable to stop kids who were being disrespectful of others and were playing in dangerous ways. The top of the slides had an attendant, but saw some kids felt they should be able to go down the slides standing up (was not a good plan), and they fell down - the attendant simply shook their heads. I would have preferred they tell them they can't use the slides for a bit. * Went to try and order something from the restaurant, but the line was so long, and service was so slow we simply gave up and went someplace else to eat.. * For the tubes for the larger slides - would have preferred to see an attendant making sure the tubes are shared. Saw lots of people keep their tubes for ride after ride while others had to simply wait for a tube to become available (however once on, big slides were great!) * Waterpark bar overcharged us for awful mixed drinks - pretty sure bartender kept the cash and didn't ring up the charge * Time for a renovation In closing - this is a decent economical hotel with amenities that are basically acceptable, but it could be so much more if the owner invested some money into it! Furniture does need to be replaced from time to time, housekeepers need to have their work inspected, maintenance needs to visit rooms from time to time before a guest complains to make sure everything is working properly. I've seen many owners simply get every penny possible out of a hotel based on its location - and never reinvest in the hotel. That appears to be the case with this property. The guest experience slowly gets worse and worse. It is at the point it is time to remodel - if you do, you will be able to charge more, and have happier guests who will return instead of most of us who will stay once, and then stay elsewhere our next trip to Orlando.

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    Where do I start?!

    Reviewed by Jessica L() on Aug 08, 2019

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    This is actually the 2nd time I brought my family here. Only because the location is great and the pool, water park and arcade are great too. BUT... The check in process is not welcoming. This year the clerk had no rooms in an area I wanted so we went to the room that was assigned. Immediately upon entering the room we noticed that the bathroom shower was not clean. There was mold and ring around the tub and water leaking from the shower. We called the front desk and no answer. After 3 calls we walked to the front desk and were told that housekeeping will go when they can. Went back to the room and my son needed a tissue, but the tissues were soaked. And then we see a dead roach and then a bug on the bed! It wasn't a bed bug, but it was a bug. We grabbed our stuff and went to front desk again and asked for a new room. Now the room I wanted was available and we were given a free breakfast buffet voucher. On the next morning at 9am, I was changing and what do you know, someone opens our door!!!! A "painter" luckily we had the top locked, if not the door would have been wide open. We asked what was he here for he said to paint something. We told him we were not informed of any painting and closed the door. Called the front desk, but no answer! So we walked to the front desk and they had no idea about someone painting the room and said sorry... Really sorry?! By this point I was done with the customer service. Back to the free breakfast buffet, I noticed that the date on the buffet voucher stated a departure date for 7/30. But I didn't pay any attention to it. So what do you know on 7/30 after returning from being out all day our keys for the room didn't work! The clerk must have put the wrong departure date into the system so we had to go to the front desk and get new keys and get the breakfast buffet voucher date fixed. Housekeeping didn't clean our room until after 6pm daily, we would have to call every day for towels. On one day the housekeeper left all our garbage that was already tied in bags. And to top it off on the day we were to check out housekeeping had the nerve to knock on the door at 9am to clean. Hello! It's 9am, but you never cleaned the room on any other day so why now? Then we had another person knock asking if we were checking out, that was at 10am. Then Housekeeping asked again at 10:15am then again at 10:30am. Check out is at 11am. Why would I check out early? That's just rude and seems like there is no organization with front desk or housekeeping. I honestly don't think I will ever stay here again. I do like the amenities, but the rooms and the staff... are a NO!

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    Nephew's Birthday Party

    Reviewed by JMyers82() on Aug 06, 2019

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    It was a great fun filled day for the kids. Their ages were 2,6, and 9. The only complaint I had was the older kids on the big slides not wanting to share the tubes. Not the establishment's problem and moral issue we see every day.

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