Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel

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Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services.

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    Springbreak during Covid in August

    Reviewed by ChrisWeike(El Monte, California) on Aug 02, 2020

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    Staff is great. Rooms can get a refresh, pool feels like spring break with 3 different parties blasting their own music, smoking and eating in the pool and the pool staff doesn't care. Pool towels have disgusting stains. I am not expecting a 5 star hotel, but also not a 2 star place. Also, when the hotel runs on 20% occupancy rate, they should upgrade their Elite Members. Overall disappointed.

    Still the best business conference hotel in Plam springs

    Reviewed by MichaelK285(Los Angeles, California) on Jul 26, 2020

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    I suspext there are many ways to rank an hotel. I like to often recommend hotels by Purpose as much as Price. The Renaissance hotel for the Purpose of business is the best hotel in Palms Springs period. If you are look for the best resort hotel in Palms Springs or Family Vacation resort or Party hotel then many other options are better. But for Business... this is the best in Palm Springs.

    Worst service in Palm Springs

    Reviewed by Dhhf68() on Jul 10, 2020

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    We came to Palm Springs every summer and so far this is the ONLY hotel that we wouldn’t recommend, no AC bad service and on top of that cockroaches, there a lot of options in the area, try to avoid this place.

    Beautiful Property & Service!

    Reviewed by djnsocal(Azusa, California) on Jul 07, 2020

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    Traveling should be a pleasure. At the Renissance in Palm Springs, the staff makes sure you have an experience that is pleasurable, relaxing, and fun. For you party-people, the bar is great. Jeremy makes amazing cocktails and offers some of his own concoctions to mesmerize your palate and entice your senses. The pool area is huge and immaculate! There is nothing like waking up in the morning and hearing the birds chirping while sitting on your balcony overlooking the pool and the jagged, brown, Palm Springs mountains. The rooms are quite pleasant and of you can swing one of the Resort Suites, do it! The extra room is something you can share with a few friends. I’ve stayed here more than a few times and the housekeeping service does an excellent job making sure the rooms are spic ‘n span. What makes me most eager to come back is the superb front desk staff! They make me want to come back and see their big smiles! Thankfully they know how to smile with their eyes since everyone is wearing masks for COVID-19! Mayra is always on her game with Jackie close by making sure every guest is cared for like family. I got to meet the GM and it’s easy to see why the other employees treat the customers so well since they are learning from the best! Lynnie should be very proud of her staff, I know I am! Pro tip: Leave the lights on in the bathroom and close the door.

    Nice stay

    Reviewed by missjaniejane(Los Angeles, California) on Jul 03, 2020

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    Family friendly hotel with clean rooms and great pool service! We stayed on the 4th floor in a king suite - the room was very clean. We had a view of the pool and there is nice balcony seating for two. Inservice dining is not available, but you can order food at the pool ring specific hours. I enjoyed our stay!