Canto Del Sol Plaza Vallarta

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    Quite good

    Reviewed by lachyboy21(Edinburgh, United Kingdom) on Feb 18, 2020

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    Our first all inclusive holiday. A bit gutted to see how much some people have paid for 2 weeks. We were 10 nights and we are 70% on top of someone else who posted, that's each. Staff are superb. Food is fine if that's what you like. I cant comment as it's our first All In. Didn't really think much all the AlCarte restaurants apart from Surf and Turf. My wife and daighters Italian night was ruined by a group of loud, arrogant, obnoxious Canadians who thought they owned the place swearing and sexual innuendos also in front of another family . Yes that's me who created the drama in the restaurant and told them to keep the noise down and was told to F off twice. Other couples had problems with them also nothing done by hotel as obz holds some clout in hotel with his cash . Mario is his name acts big in his group but on one to one won't even look at you. Anyway the rooms are fine, plenty hot water, beds comfy the bathrooms are functional, better than our last holiday.The hotel is always spotless. The people we met were lovely shame you all disappeared on Wedneaday, but anyone going here please have some respect, CLOSE THE BLOODY DOORS QUIETLY and do we really have to get up at 6am to get a bed by the pool!!!! Overall enjoyed our stay here. Would we come back here for the cost and the time to get here it would be a no for the price I paid with TUI. If It was under £1k each then yes.

    Gone downhill

    Reviewed by Ged4gill() on Feb 18, 2020

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    Third visit here and sadly could be our last unless improvements are made. Arrival at airport complete chaos as usual 1.40 minutes spent queuing to get out although this was the same as when we visited before Room allocated good size a little dated but cleaned to good standard for some reason only one bedside cabinet this year ?? No fridge but could live without 2 small bottles of water left in room plenty of water stations to refill but to be honest I prefer the lager bottles we had last year as we drink quite a bit. Food Buffet restaurant quality has gone down not replenished often enough and sometimes cold dirty cracked cups salad bar usually comprised of lettuce and onion maybe a tomato if lucky Speciality restaurants Or saving grace 7 visits allowed over 2 weeks surf and turf, Mexican, Italian (delicious) and Japanese didn’t try this one but the others were excellent Snack bar General stuff fries pizza burgers etc served until 12pm Drinks good although lager wasn’t as good this year plenty of branded spirits good measures so be careful Pool Main pool and 2 smaller ones at sister hotels Main pool be prepared to get up at daft o’clock to get a decent sunbed these are also sometimes moved if they are having an event on so we ended up a few times going to the smaller pools over the other side Swim up bar often closed which is a pain Entertainment on most days and evenings good kids pool near the Italian restaurant and nicer sun beds but much quieter Pool terrace no tables and chairs most evenings which is rubbish if like us you like to sit outside of an evening Lobby bar as well only has a few tables and chairs so if weather is bad there’s nowhere to go Staff absolutely fantastic can’t do enough nothing to much trouble everywhere clean and tidy Even with the negatives we thoroughly enjoyed our stay met some fabulous people and will remember them for a long time to come However the reason we probably won’t return is we had some dollars removed from our safe and yes I know what people may think but we definitely hadn’t spent it or fabricated it over $200 dollars wrapped in a receipt from exchange bureau which hadn’t been opened all big dollars removed and small ones left Reported to rep who didn’t want to have the conversation in front of other guests and suggested we didn’t discuss with other guests as it may upset them Guest services gave them a written statement also stating our room door was left open on one day said they would investigate had to ask everyday and on our last day was told there had been no unusual activity in our room I googled problems with hotel safes bear in mind we have travelled all over the world and never had anything stolen were told only us and security had access to safe apparently security can access via a key which on you tube gives a few demonstrations on how to easily break in!!! Another guest also had items removed but I can’t comment on that not worth making a claim as excess swallows up the amount taken Hence the reason for 2 stars

    Sunbed rant

    Reviewed by Crackodawn() on Feb 18, 2020

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    It’s 05:30 , it’s dark , I’m laid in bed and have just heard a door go it went twice in the space of five minutes .Seriously ! it’s like getting up for work not being on holiday . Here’s a solution ‘ sunbeds must not be reserved before 08:00 if a sunbed is reserved and no one returns to the sunbed within 1 hour management have the right to remove the towel ‘ Then a couple of management do checks for towels left where people have gone back to bed , it may upset a few however it’s upsetting a few already that have come for a holiday and not a set your alarm for half bloody five to put your towels out !!! Yes there are plenty of sunbeds but we all know around the pool is favoured. Rant over . Hotels alright apart from that :-) .

    “WOWEE”, GB all-inclusive, please read.

    Reviewed by barbrawebb(Manchester, United Kingdom) on Feb 17, 2020

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    No fridge,beers, coffee/tea, kettle in room as NORMAL for Caribbean elsewhere. Standard room.. acceptable size wise,10 Coat hangers provided, loads of drawers. Bed(s) large,towels changed daily and bedding every other day.cleaned to good standard.Flat screen tv. BATHROOM, handrail, sticky octopus shower mat, no shower gel/cap provided. Toilet rolls plentiful , always hot water.tiling needs redoing, small, water escaped onto floor.BALCONY. 1 chair... 2 at a push fit in, no table, awkward to play cards ha-ha. SMOKING... no informed a non smoking hotel. Down bottom of steps to beach, outside hotel front only allowed.... I cut down a lot. RESTAURANTS.. only mention surf/turf. Good weather outside ear to beach. Early reservation you will see the fabulous sun setting.DRINKS.. XXL light/dark beer, lobby has corona.All spirits top brands, at no extra charge.LOBBY BAR, never seen one as small, 12 tables only in main area and huge chairs, not thought out much. Opens at noon...WHAT!!!. FOOD.. buffets very limited mostly Mexican, won’t starve. BREAKFAST.. outside by beach, lovely setting when the sun comes up, we even saw whales/ dolphins from same... how cool is that?. BEACH.. awkward surf that moves stones, pebbles, not easy to swim. No life guard,same as pool area, keep an eye on your Little ones. SUNBEDS... moved near to beach 2/3 pm, to use space for surf &turf, a bit of a bind ANIMATION... tip-top, on the go all day, plenty to get involved in OUTSIDE BAR... night time, no tables some nights needs thought into that one. LOCATION... near to marina/ malacon, only the price of a couple of beers the taxi fare. Night life at both too “live it up”. SHOPS... adjacent to hotel, oxo supermarket cheap as chips. WATER... 2 bottles provided in your room, can be filled up along corridor.. when not empty, water containers to refill your bottle/s all over the place.AIRPORT IN.... utter chaos, 4 fights in same time, 2 hours to get out ( love queuing inline). AIRPORT OUT... £4 a small bottle of water, £11 a sandwich. Met some fabulous people, huge shout out to big boy, Shaun and Jeanette and friends salt of the Earth. My reason for not returning back is........... A brand new watch of mine and my wife’s pandora ear-rings were removed from our room.. 351. Necessary paper work was filled out etc, to date no news NADA. Cannot comment on another incident also. Kevin from customer service most helpful but to no avail. Tui rep, KATHRYN uninterested, not helpful at all tut, tut. Over all this hotel represents great value for money, first time visitors will love it. I have given 3 stars for what we have had. Enjoy, you sure will. Barbara/ Spider xx.

    Canto Del sol 10/10

    Reviewed by doml639() on Feb 16, 2020

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    Just wanted to say how overly friendly and helpful the staff are at the hotel, the service is excellent. The hotel is ideal for every sort of age as there are different entertainments where everyone can participate, regardless of the age, gender, ability etc. And that does make the hotel very enjoy full . I would really recommend Canto Del Sol and would definitely stay again!