Explore Aruba's wild side on an off-road safari

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Adventures & tours

Rent a four-wheel-drive, pack a picnic and take an around-the-island tour. Unpaved back roads run along the rugged north coast, zigzagging inland at times, and are sometimes rough. Start your trip just past the California Lighthouse, heading east on the north side. You'll see turbulent seas, eerie rock formations, scores of cacti and famous divi-divi trees. The kids can look for wild donkeys, goats, rabbits and lizards of all kinds.

Sights along the way include California Lighthouse, tiny Alto Vista Chapel, the Bushiribana gold smelter ruins, the Natural Bridge ruins (a popular landmark even though it collapsed in 2005), and the Ayo and Casibari rock formations. You can also stop at the Donkey Sanctuary and other family attractions, Arikok National Park and the caves.

If you'd rather leave the driving to someone else, several tour operators offer jeep adventures with lunch. An ATV tour is another popular option.