The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

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    Exceptional Experience

    Reviewed by HarrisQianna() on Apr 19, 2021

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    I will definitely return. So much to see and so much to do on the resort alone. I had an amazing time! Best room I’ve been in so far. The staff was very friendly. Hospitality staff very attentive. The restaurants and shops were convenient and great. I can’t wait to come back!

    Slow elevators

    Reviewed by vellacas() on Apr 19, 2021

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    Elevators very slow waited 15 minutes for one from the 2nd Floor shops area. It seemed like the hotel crammed everyone on the 3rd to 16th floor tower. Very time consuming and irritating. The hotel other than that was very appealing.

    Smoking sucks.

    Reviewed by f0x2010() on Apr 19, 2021

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    Cigarette smoke from the casino turns a great stay at a world class resort into a survival exercise. Eyes burning, your new clothes ruined, health endangered lol.. why? Because a few addicted can have their "freedom"? The Venetian will be amazing when they lead the way on protecting their staff and guests. I will be thrilled to return and lose mountains of money - just as long as I can breathe healthy air while chipping in for their electric bill!

    How Many Deposits??

    Reviewed by natoshabates() on Apr 19, 2021

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    Let me start with this room was given to me by Risk Management because I injured myself the first time I tried this hotel as comp. I truly was looking forward to this trip since the last one was so bad. Checking in, they gave me the wrong room number twice (the lady switched the last 2 numbers of the room). The key they gave me wasn't working and they finally gave me the right one when I got sick of going up and down stairs, getting in line and just called them. However, I was hungry and wanted to eat leftovers but the fridge locked and I called downstairs and they kept switching me from front desk to concierge back and forth. I also saw there was a written message for me at front desk so I informed them and there was still confusion. They said they didn't see any notes or anything on my account and were sending a technician to come up and fix the fridge. I got a phone call less than an hour later saying that there was an issue with the account billing and that I had to place a new card on file. Confused, I walked downstairs and they said that I was -$55 from ordering room service. I ordered twice, once was $100 (I had a $100 food credit voucher from risk management) and $50 breakfast that day. They said that the first time I ordered ($100) that my deposit was charged that balance (not the voucher) and when I ordered again they tried to charge my credit card. When I explained I had a voucher, the attendant actually laughed and said the voucher is only applied at check out and is not applied at any time during a reservation. I told him that was not explained to me at check-in and I was told I could use the voucher immediately. He then informed me that it's not important for their customers to know it so they don't tell them. Absolutely ridiculous. He then informed me that I had to put down $150 deposit per day now instead of a one-time $100 deposit which is what I had set up from day one. When I asked him why it changed he said because I was using a debit card and he had to do a hard charge. After over an hour trying to understand and talking to him he spoke to his manager and came back and said all I owed was the $55 from room service and the $100 deposit I put on before would carry over. I paid and added the new card to my file and he said he had to give me new keys because the room keys had been deactivated before I came down there!! They called me the next morning saying I needed to put ANOTHER deposit on the account. SMH


    Reviewed by Rolande2M(Hillsboro, Oregon) on Apr 18, 2021

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    My husband and I resided at the Venitian Resort for 3 nights and we had an amazing time. This Hotel (resort) is definitely one of the best. In this covid 19 season, they had everything so very well organized. Check in was easy as well as check out. Our room still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. So far for us, our Luxury king suite was the best floor plan ever... the restaurants where excellent in particular, Chica we dined at. The food courts... and our favorite was definitely the pools experience. The staff was very nice and helpful. And the whole facility was very clean. Also The Venitian is right on the Strip which made it even more fun and easy to walk to various other attractions. The Gondolas, the music and the whole Venice theme is something to behold. We're not done there; we'll be back for sure and definitely recommend the Venitian Resort.