The Disney Magic Plane

Disney Magic Plane in profile

The story of the Magic Plane

On December 2, 2013, WestJet and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts (Canada) pulled back the curtain on one of our most exciting adventures: a custom-painted Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft. After the aircraft performed its inaugural flight from Calgary Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, it began flying throughout WestJet’s domestic, trans-border and international network.

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The interior of the Disney magic aircraft has since been updated to reflect our new 2x2 seating and cabin reconfiguration and no longer features special decals on the interior.

Disney Magic Plane in profile

Watch the magic

Watch the painting of the WestJet MagicPlane.

Experience the magic

Watch the unveiling of WestJet's #MagicPlane.

Disney Magic Plane starry seat design

Fun facts about the Magic Plane:

  • The two sides of the aircraft are mirror images of each other in all aspects but one. We'll leave it to our guests to decide what that is!
  • There are a total of 36 different paint colours on the aircraft.
  • It took a team of 26 people 24 days working around the clock to paint the Magic Plane.
  • The painting crew consumed more than 150 doughnuts over the 24 days.
  • The painting crew consisted of people from four countries, five states, two provinces and 12 cities.

Aircraft registration: CGWSZ
Tail number: 812

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