Pet cargo checklist and booking form

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Book online and save

Save $15 when you book your pet in cargo with the form below. The discount will be applied when you book.

What you need to book your pet with WestJet Cargo:

  1. Know where we ship pets
    Check your destination or our flight schedule
  2. Have your pet’s information ready
    1. Type of animal 
    2. Breed 
    3. Age 
    4. Weight 
    5. Name
  3. Bring the right kennel
    Check our guidelines
  4. Gather required documents
    1. Certificate of health from a veterinarian 
    2. Shipper’s certificate for live animals form (we will send this to you once your booking is complete)
  5. Review our rates
    Kennel rates
  6. Be informed
    Review our pet policies and FAQ pages

Book your pet in cargo for a flight departing within 4 days.

Book Pets and Animals – Online Form

Booking contact details

We will use this information to confirm the final reservation details and credit card payment.

Shipper's details  

This is the person who is going to drop off your pet at the departure warehouse.

Consignee's details  

This is the person who is going to pick up your pet at the destination warehouse. We want to have this information to make sure that your pet gets picked up safely. 

Travel information  

We will use this information to confirm that there is room for your pet to travel, or work with you to find the next best alternative. 

Pet or animal  details 

Please note we are currently only accepting kennel bookings for flights departing within 4 days.

After you submit this form one of our cargo service and sales agents will call you to confirm and collect payment via credit card. Then, we’ll will follow up with a confirmation email with some additional paperwork that must be completed upon dropping off your pet.