Human remains

To ship human remains:

Please contact a local funeral home to make arrangements with WestJet Cargo. Non-cremated remains must be secured in a hermetically sealed casket, approved metal container or combination unit. All human remains containers, with exception of combination units, must be placed in an approved outside container; adequately protecting the contents from damage that may occur with ordinary care and handling. All appropriate documentation must accompany human remains, cremated or non-cremated:

  • signed death certificate;
  • burial permit;
  • and/or burial transit removal permit as mandated by local, state, and government regulations.

Packaging of cremated and non-cremated human remains must follow all appropriate shipping requirements. If you are unsure of these requirements, please contact a local funeral home.

* Cremated human remains must be indicated on the air waybill when making a booking directly with WestJet Cargo.

For rates or more information please contact your local sales representative or one of our WestJet Cargo agents at 1‑866‑WJ‑CARGO (1‑866‑952‑2746).