Medical vials in a packing tray

Ship active pharma with WestJet Cargo

WestJet Cargo has shipped pharmaceutical products for several years and is now introducing new shipping capabilities with Envirotainer™ to offer a controlled cold chain solution. Envirotainer™ units allow the transport of pharmaceutical and other consumer products without breaking the cold chain. Freight Forwarders and shippers can lease units directly from Envirotainer™ and book with confidence through service offered by WestJet Cargo.

WestJet Cargo will accept the following units for transport on our wide body 787-9 aircraft

Envirotainer™ RAP e2 (electric unit)

Designed for the larger quantity pharmaceutical shipments. WestJet Cargo works together with Envirotainer™ to provide our customers with one of the most advanced temperature-controlled air cargo containers.


Container code RAP/LD9
External dimensions (l-w-h) 3175 x 2235 x 1626 mm / 125 x 88 x 64 in
Internal dimensions (l-w-h) 2465 x 2055 x 1260 mm / 97 x 80.9 x 49.6 in
Internal volume for cargo 6.38 m3 / 224.2 cu.ft
Tare weight 1100 kgs / 2425 lbs
Max net weight of cargo 4933 kgs / 10875 lbs*
*Please note that WestJet Cargo’s maximum allowable net weight for RAP’s - 3576 kgs / 7885 lbs

Envirotainer AB

Photo: Envirotainer™ AB

Envirotainer™ RKN e1 (electric unit)

When shippers need to move smaller pharmaceutical shipments, WestJet Cargo and Envirotainer™ have the perfect solution with the one pallet RKN e1 container.


Container code RKN/LD3
External dimensions (l-w-h) 2000 x 1530 x 1620 mm / 78.7 x 60.2 x 63.8 in
Internal dimensions (l-w-h) 1340 x 1319 x 1315 mm / 52.7 x 51.9 x 51.7 in
Internal volume for cargo 2.3 m3 / 81.9 cu.ft
Tare weight 635 kgs / 1400 lbs
Max net weight of cargo 953 kgs / 2101 lbs*
*Please note that WestJet Cargo’s maximum allowable net weight for RKN’s - 953 kgs / 2100 lbs

Envirotainer AB

Photo: Envirotainer™ AB

To learn more about these units, please visit the Envirotainer™ website.

Peace of mind when using Envirotainers™ with WestJet Cargo:

  • Priority loading and unloading
  • Special care and handling
  • Temperature ranging from +2 to +8 °C, +15 to +25 °C or between ±0 to +25 °C
  • Dedicated tracking and monitoring
  • Notification to Captain (NOTOC) confirming cargo hold temperature
  • Act in accordance with IATA rules and standards

Environtainer™ units can be shipped on scheduled flight routes with our 787-9 widebody aircraft or on full or partial charter flights.For more information, please contact your local sales representative or our customer service team at or 1-866-WJCARGO (952-2746).