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Travel Agent Payment Services

Travel Agency Payment Services is primarily responsible for the calculation and payment of commissions as well as the creation, distribution and management of agency debit/credit memos to travel agents. If you are a travel agent, please review the options below prior to submitting your request:

*Once your request has been submitted, our team will respond within 5 business days*


Please choose a request below:

  • Commission
  • Credit card search - no ticket number present
  • Debit Memos


If your specific request is not listed, please see the options below as it may be supported by one of our other amazing teams.

Refund – General/IROP

Please contact the Travel Support team at 1-877-664-3205 to process this request

General requests about settlement – TIESS and BSP

Please visit IATA Customer Portal and login to make your request.

Statement requests

Please visit BSPlink and login to make your request.

Credit card search – Ticket number present

Please contact the Travel Support team at 1-877-664-3205 to process this request.

Disputed Debit Memos

If you are disputing a debit memo, this will be handled through the dispute process. Please dispute via BSP or ARC.


For commission, credit card search (no ticket number) or debit memos, please fill out your information below:

Agency information

Enter one PNR and ticket number from multi-ticket orders for your request for commission to be processed. Additional PNRs can be added in the comments.

Policy and Process Inquiry

Attach workable documents to support your request - please note that only .doc or .xls files accepted.:

Please note that only .doc or .xls files accepted.

 files attached

Clear all files