Aircraft cleaning and sanitization

Cleaning wipe between hands

The safety of our guests and WestJetters has and continues to be our top priority.

From fogging of our aircraft, to disinfectant wipes, our teams have been working diligently to implement over 20 new processes and measures across your journey.

Since March 2020 we've spent over 17, 000 hours cleaning our aircraft and safely delivered over 2 million guests to their destination.

Here’s what we’re doing to keep you and your WestJet crew safe.

We’re using stronger disinfectants, more often and added fogging to how we sanitize our aircraft. We rely on hospital-quality HEPA filters to introduce fresh air every 2-3 minutes, so you can breathe easy as you fly with us.

Upon boarding

We’ll give you a sanitization wipe for your hands or any surface you wish to wipe down, for your peace of mind.

On board

We now clean our aircraft more extensively and more frequently. We continue to clean with aviation-approved products, including Sanicide (disinfectant) for galleys and lavatories, along with Celeste 8500 for:

  • tray tables
  • general seating areas
  • to ensure all guest contact surfaces are thoroughly disinfected

We’ve added two additional disinfecting products to our cleaning regime–hospital-grade Clorox Wipes and Spray for:

  • galleys
  • lavatories and door handles
  • tray tables
  • seat armrests and headrests
  • seatbelt buckles
  • PSU panel
  • Overhead-bin door latches

Aircraft fogging

Cabin crew cleaning seats
Cabin crew cleaning seatback tables
Cabin crew cleaning aircraft bathroom

We’ve implemented a new cleaning procedure calling fogging. The entire aircraft interior is completely disinfected using a hydrogen peroxide-based solution cleaner.

Fogging allows us to thoroughly disinfect our aircraft at any time, with little disruption to our guests and operations. The new process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and the product dissipates within 20 minutes. We’re working hard to ensure fogging can be expanded to every base we operate to as soon as possible. All WestJet 737 and Q400 aircraft are cleaned as part of their overnight cleaning and sanitization regimen. 

HEPA filters

A common misconception with airlines is that the air on board is recirculated. But that’s not the case.

All WestJet aircraft are equipped with an industry-leading air circulation system containing a HEPA filter, similar to what’s used in hospitals.

Not only do these filters introduce fresh air into the cabin every 2 to 3 minutes, but they also capture and filter 99.99% of all airborne particles so you can breathe a little easier.

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