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Boys and Girls club members gathered in front of Westjet aircraftBoys and Girls Clubs of Canada and WestJet

Since 2007, WestJet and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada have partnered together to directly transform the experiences of the young people and staff from Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada. Through the donation of the gift of flight; Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and its member Clubs have been able to offer the opportunity for youth and staff to travel to important training, activities and events. The gift of flight also enables Boys and Girls Clubs to fundraise to support growth and necessary programs and services needed to work with young people, their families and communities each year.

In addition, WestJet is a proud sponsor of the national fundraising event - Capital One Race for Kids™. This event can be described as a return to the best adventures of childhood. Participants embrace the carefree days of being a kid, all while creating a bonding experience as they challenge their skills and raise funds to ensure young people have the same opportunity. In 2014, 25 communities across Canada will participate and compete in a series of 10 themed checkpoint challenges which are designed to incorporate activities that focus the mind and challenge the body.

WestJetters and kids departing for Disney WorldWestJetters show their caring spirit by volunteering with local Boys and Girls Clubs. From holiday parties, to dinners, and winter festivals, WestJetters have volunteered their time, energy and skills to help improve the lives of young people living in communities across the country. Since 2012, WestJetters have worked with Boys and Girls Clubs to support and execute 22 local holiday themed events in Clubs each December across Canada. These events are incredibly impactful to Club members and their families. On December 3, 2013, WestJet flew 16 teens from Boys and Girls Clubs in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec to Walt Disney World on WestJet’s inaugural flight of the Magic Plane with Boys and Girls Clubs staff and six WestJet volunteers to chaperone throughout the trip. The teens participated in pay it forward activities, teambuilding and leadership development when they weren’t busy simply being kids at Walt Disney World!

About Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada (BGCC) is dedicated to supporting and encouraging children and youth as they grow and develop. We are a national charity serving 200,000 young people in more than 650 locations across Canada. We listen to their opinions and ideas, applaud their accomplishments, lend support when they need it and provide ways to explore their interests and talents. With this encouragement they are able to develop the confidence and sense of belonging that helps them succeed in school, form positive relationships and mature into responsible, caring adults. For over 110 years we have welcomed children, youth and their families into Clubs that reflect the diversity of Canada in small and large cities, rural communities and First Nations Reserves. Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada is recognized as a leading provider of after school and critical hours programs, which significantly contributes to the healthy development of young people – especially those who need Clubs most.

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