Missing Children Society of Canada

Missing Children Society of Canada

A mother and daughter embracing WestJet and the Missing Children Society of Canada are continuing the search for missing children.

There are over 45,000 children reported missing children in Canada every year. While most of these cases are quickly resolved, many children remain missing. It is for these children and their searching families that MCSC was established in 1986. MCSC is the only non-profit organization in North America that employs an in-house team of former law enforcement professionals to actively investigate cases of missing children. The society also provides emotional support to the families and loved ones of a missing child through their Family and Peer Support program. In addition, MCSC provides emergency response through their Search program. Search is comprised of an individual social media engagement called The World's Most Valuable Project, and CodeSearch. CodeSearch is a rapid response app-based communications and technology platform that engages companies in partnership with MCSC. The program works by putting valuable corporate resources to work for public good, and more specifically, to help locate a missing child. All of their services are provided to families and law enforcement free of charge.

Since 2004, WestJet has helped the Missing Children Society of Canada continue the search for missing children by providing gifts of flight to the charity's investigators who travel all over Canada and internationally to the frontlines investigations. WestJet also assists the society by supporting family reunifications – including one such father from Kamloops, BC who was reunited with his missing son in early June 2011 after being apart for seven long years. When WestJet got the call from MCSC to support this family and their reunion, many of our teams moved quickly to assist. Known for being fast-acting and caring, WestJetters worked to ensure that both father and son were reunited and had the best flight experience possible. We wish them many happy years together.

In 2013, WestJetters were also incredibly excited to participate in CodeSearch. Now, wherever WestJetters are in the country, they are able to have instant access to information about missing children in that area and receive geo-targeted notifications if there is a Critical Child Search Alert issued by law enforcement. Participating in CodeSearch is just one more way that WestJetters are working to help make a positive impact for Canadian children and families.

WestJet also commits other resources and volunteers to MCSC each year, such as the organization's annual "Raise Hope" event held every April leading up to National Missing Children's Day on May 25th.

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For more information, visit mcsc.ca.