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Stop at the edge on your way across the pond.

Add a St. John's stop to your Dublin trip.

Seasonal service to and from Dublin, Ireland starts May 1, 2015 and ends Oct 24, 2015.

If you're travelling from another Canadian city to Dublin, add a stopover in St. John's for only $33.90 CAD.* Stay in St. John's for up to seven days (on your way to or home from Dublin) and experience the natural wonders of North America's most easterly point.

Booking your stopover is easy with our multi-city booking tool:

  • Step 1: From, click on the "Multiple cities" link.
  • Step 2:
    • In row 1: Enter your starting city and St. John's in the "To" field.
    • In row 2: Enter St. John's in the "From" field and Dublin in "To" field.

      Make sure your stay in St. John's is not more than seven days.
  • Step 3: Choose your preferred flight times.
  • Step 4: Review your itinerary and see pricing.
  • Step 5: Finalize your trip.

If you need to make any changes once your booking has been confirmed, call us at 1-888-937-8538.

*Guests stopping over in St. John's for more than 24 hours must pay the St. John's International Airport improvement fee of $33.90 CAD ($30.00 + HST). Airport improvement fee is determined by the St. John's International Airport Authority and is subject to change.