Non-stop flights between Alberta and Hawaii on Thomas Cook Airlines

WestJet has leased two Boeing 757-200 aircraft from Thomas Cook Airlines to provide you with daytime scheduled non-stop flights between Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, and Honolulu and Maui, Hawaii.

While you can expect the same fun and friendly service we've always offered, there are some important differences on board these flights that we'd like to make you aware of.

Plus fares and Plus products are not available for purchase on our 757-200 Thomas Cook flights.

Age of acceptance

Although WestJet accepts guests over the age of 12 to travel without an adult, Thomas Cook requires that all guests travelling alone be 16 years of age or older.

Baggage allowance

WestJet's standard checked and excess baggage allowances and fees apply.

Seat sizes and pitch (legroom)
The seats on the 757-200 have a seat pitch of 31 inches in most rows, with the exception of seats A, B and C in rows 11 through 14, which have a seat pitch of 30 inches. Plus fare seats are not available on our 757 flights.

Seat selection

You may select your seat in advance (with the exception of emergency exit-row seating) for a small fee at the time of booking or at any time up to two hours before your flight's scheduled time of departure. Please see our seat selection section for more information.

Emergency exit row seating

Seat selection will not be available for the emergency exit row (10 BC/DE and 28 ABC/DEF). However, these seats may be available at the time of check in based upon availability and only if you meet the emergency exit row seating restrictions, which require a guest in these rows to be:

  • 16 years of age or older;
  • physically fit and fully mobile;
  • not suffering from neck, leg or back problems;
  • not pregnant or overweight (larger passengers are accepted in the emergency exit row as long as they do not impede evacuation and they are agile);
  • not travelling with any children or infants;
  • willing to help the cabin crew in the event of an emergency.

Please note that seats in the emergency exit rows do not have windows.

Inflight entertainment

As this aircraft is not equipped with LiveTV, we will be showing movies on ceiling mounted monitors at no charge. As usual, our WestJet earbuds will be available for purchase or you can bring your own headset. The aircraft's audio system has dual prong outlets for headsets and adapters will be available if you require them.

We recommend bringing books, magazines, portable DVD players or toys for your little WestJetters. You can also enjoy up! – our inflight magazine – available in the seatback pockets. Just remember your carry-on allowance is limited.

Travelling with an infant or child

Thomas Cook requires all guests less than 16 years of age to be accompanied by an adult. You must be 16 years of age or older to travel with an infant.

Thomas Cook Airlines accepts Transport Canada or FAA-approved child and infant restraint systems. The AmSafe Child Restraint System (CARESTM) is not accepted for use on board. Infants must be held by a parent or guardian during takeoff, landing and whenever the seatbelt sign is illuminated. For infants and children under 36 months old, you may purchase a seat for their use and you may, but are not required to, use a restraint system. Children 36 months and older are not permitted to travel in an infant restraint system.

Both forward and rear-facing restraint systems are permitted, however, infants less than 9 kg (20 lb.) may only use a rear-facing restraint system. For rear-facing restraint systems, the child/infant must be held during taxi, takeoff, landing and when the seat-belt sign is illuminated. The restraint system must remain secured during these times.

About the Boeing 757-200

Guest capacity



Rolls-Royce RB211-535E4

Average seat pitch

30 in. or 31 in.

Cruise speed

530 mph – 850 km/h – 460 knots

Maximum altitude

42,000 ft. (12,800m)


4,500 mi. (7,200 km)


124 ft. 10 in. (38.05 m)


155 ft. 3 in. (47.32 m)

Tail height

44 ft. 6 in. (13.56 m)

Boeing 757 seat map

If you would like to see how this Thomas Cook Airlines 757-200 differs from our Boeing Next-Generation 737-600, 737-700 or 737-800 aircraft, please see our fleet.