Travelling with a personal attendant

  • WestJet considers a personal attendant to be an able-bodied person, 18 years of age or over, who is capable of fully attending to all the physical needs of the guest with a disability during the flight, and is not responsible for the needs of any other guest on that flight.
  • WestJet does not provide personal attendants. It is the responsibility of the guest to provide the appropriately qualified individual for the level of care they need.
  • If an attendant does not meet these criteria, the guest (and attendant) will be denied transport until the guest is able to travel with an attendant who meets the criteria.
  • The personal attendant must remain with, and be seated next to, the guest.
  • It is not necessary for this person to be medically trained. Guests travelling with an attendant will be offered pre-boarding if desired by the guest, and accommodations for a service animal will be made as required by the guest.
  • Guests may request one person to be their personal attendant from the originating city, and a different one returning from the destination