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Sangster International Airport (MBJ)

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Year-round service

Balmy air perfumed by tropical allspice trees greets you upon arrival on Jamaica's lushly forested north coast. The woodsy aroma is a small whiff of the paradise to come from the nearby beachfront resorts at Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay.

Runaway Bay is in St. Ann, known as Garden Parish. It is a Caribbean cornucopia of history, culture and eco-adventure. And it offers as much relaxing seclusion or interactive recreation as you want. The captivating rhythms, spices and natural beauty unique to Jamaica are wonderfully concentrated in this region.

If you want to get wet (and a little wild), this is the right place. The quaint but vibrant seaport of Ocho Rios, known locally as Ochi, is named after the swift-moving rivers and countless tributaries. Aside from beach and pool diversions, the aquatic fun also includes tubing down the great White River, horseback riding in the ocean and scuba diving and snorkelling with sharks and rays.

The most popular activity – and for good reason – is climbing the cascading tiers at Dunn's River Falls, a national treasure.

Ocho Rios' naturally filtered water flows through dense jungle on temperate inland slopes. From breathtaking panoramas at the foot of the Dry Harbour Mountains, you can marvel at the sea's blue waters that stretch more than 145 km clear to Cuba.

From these heights, you'll also see the massive cruise ships docked at Ocho Rios. You can survey sandy bays, rocky coves and the peaks and valleys that form "cockpit country." Feel how the tropical heat is moderated by the windswept sea and cool mountain breeze. Find shade under towering palms, bamboo and fruit-bearing trees such as almond, ackee and lychee.

Peppered with botanical gardens, there's no shortage of natural attractions in the Garden Parish.  But if you're looking for some zesty local culture, there's plenty of that too. After all, this is the island's spiritual heart – the birthplace of reggae superstar Bob Marley and patriotic leader Marcus Garvey.

With such a rich medley of sights, sounds and flavours, Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay are destinations well-suited to families, couples and outdoor enthusiasts who want to soak up – and soak in – the local charms.

Ocho Rios - Runaway Bay is a fantastic destination for:

  • beaches
  • outdoor adventure
  • snorkeling and diving

Events of interest:

Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival

This is a seven-day mountain biking event designed to highlight Jamaica’s vibrant culture, unique geography and great riding trails. Since its inception, the event has sparked serious interest on several major biking blogs and some of the top biking magazines, making Jamaica a contender as a great mountain biking destination. The Fat Tyre Festival has also featured some of the world’s top mountain bikers, including Cam McCaul, Kyle Ebbett, Kathy Strand and Katie Holden, among others. It’s held each year in the middle of February.

Bob Marley celebrations

The first week of February features activities throughout the island to celebrate the life and achievements of music legend Bob Marley. Activities in Jamaica usually include a service at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and ceremonial laying of plaques at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston.

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