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Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM)

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The three Cayman Islands are small, coral-encrusted summits of an underwater mountain range surrounded by the waters of the western Caribbean. Visit the Cayman Islands and you'll soon discover this means there's as much to explore underwater as there is on land.

It's no surprise that the three Cayman Islands are known for gorgeous, sun-kissed beaches and world-class scuba diving and snorkelling. Bloody Bay Wall is the most famous, but all three islands have dozens of great dive sites. Even if you don't put on a mask and fins, you can still experience the sea's wonders at Stingray City, or from the comfort of a submarine.

It won't surprise you that Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands. It is the most developed, affluent and cosmopolitan of the islands. Grand Cayman is by far the most populous island of the three, known for its reputation as a leading international offshore banking centre.

The other two smaller islands are Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. They are referred to as the sister islands and are charming and quaint places to visit. Collectively, the trio of islands are known as the Cayman Islands, or simply Cayman.

Grand Cayman is blessed with powdery white-sand beaches so soft, your toes will feel like they are treading on pillows. Its Seven Mile Beach (which, oddly, is actually only 5.5 miles long) is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

This area, along with adjoining West Bay, is the island’s thriving residential and tourist hub. It is home to glitzy homes, five-star hotels and a great dining and nightlife scene after sunset. If you want to get away from it all, there are smaller hotels and rental properties in the tranquil eastern districts, and Cayman Kai on the island's northern tip.

The historic capital, George Town, is south of Seven Mile Beach. Its narrow streets are filled with numerous duty-free shops. The area is fun to explore, but remember that it sometimes gets congested when cruise ships are in port.

For a fun day trip or multi-island holiday, hop aboard a Twin Otter for a 40-minute flight northeast to tiny Little Cayman or Cayman Brac. These two islands are light years away from the type of development seen in Grand Cayman. They are perfect for divers, naturalists and solace-seekers.

Grand Cayman is a fantastic destination for:

  • beaches
  • snorkelling and diving
  • shopping and dining

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