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Port Columbus International Airport (CMH)

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Designed in 1812 as the state capital, Columbus is centrally located in the state of Ohio. Its location has made it an important meeting point for history, culture and commerce in the United States. Columbus' identity also reflects its role as a crossroads; visitors will appreciate the variety that the city offers.

Friendly to business and tourists, it was voted by both Forbes and BusinessWeek as a top spot to do business in the U.S. and often cited as a city of the future for technology and growth. Columbus sits at the pivot point between the region's other large cities: Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Indianapolis. Its diversified economy helps it fare comparatively better than other areas during times of financial turmoil, making it a large migration point from other American states. This influx of workers from varying backgrounds has helped shape Columbus over the years.

Columbus' cultural flare also draws from its neighbours. Bordering regions include Appalachia, the Bible Belt, the Farm Belt and the Rust Belt. Visitors can find entertainment at sporting events, ethnic and musical festivals, or by wandering through historic limestone buildings and marble landmarks. Downtown Columbus features several museums and a lively performing arts scene.

Columbus is also a hot spot rich in Americana. The Ohio State Fair, held at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, is one of the country's largest agricultural and cultural events. In addition to the State Fair, the Expo Center holds many other events over the course of the year ranging from antique markets to midget-horse racing.

Columbus' brewing tradition stretches back to the area's early German settlers. Nowadays, the downtown area is home to several microbreweries that can be viewed by guided tours. Classic-car shows and factory tours tap into time-honoured American traditions and highlight Columbus' past as a transportation and manufacturing hub; while contrasting how much the city has changed and grown.

Columbus takes from the surrounding areas and from those that pass through – visitors just might leave a bit of themselves behind. WestJet can help you leave your own mark on Columbus with flights from great Canadian destinations via our airline partners.

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