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Airport served by:

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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Year-round service

Flying into Los Angeles is like descending into a lifelong dream. Look out your window as your flight arrives and you’ll see a blend of dusty mountains, leafy parks, a string of surfable beaches and an endless flow of sun-dazzled Pacific waves. Not to mention the iconic Hollywood sign.

It is a destination where dreams literally do come true. The world's most-talented artists gather here to make music, films, theatre, and TV shows that inspire millions of people around the world. The actors, writers, directors, producers and many others are spread out across more than 80 neighbourhoods. Add all of these distinct districts together and you get L.A. – a massive metropolis.

Just how big is L.A.? Picture a mega-city sprawling from Vancouver all the way to Hope, B.C. east-to-west and then all the way down to Seattle.

That's a lot of urban sprawl and more than 17 million people to mix and mingle with. But visitors have nothing to worry about. L.A. is a surprisingly friendly and laid back city. In fact, they say there are no strangers in LA. Just millions of suntanned friends you haven't met yet.

Los Angeles is a fantastic destination for:

  • outdoor adventure
  • shopping and dining
  • beaches

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