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Great place for a vacation, really nice local people.

Je recommanderais

Commenté par Lynda le oct. 08, 2014

Date de voyage: septembre 2014
Type de voyage: Groupe(10 personnes et plus)

Ocho Rios / Runaway Bay is a great destination. Dunns River Falls is an absolute must! You do need to have water shoes though which are available for rent or bring your own. The weather was very pleasant , not too hot, but it did cloud over in the later afternoons and thunder storms rolled in but they did not last long. Beaches are nice and water is crystal clear. I would go back and hope to one day in the near future.


Type de conseil: Divertissement

Dunns River Falls is a must!

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Warm, Active, Relaxing and Breezy

Je recommanderais

Commenté par Nina W le sept. 27, 2014

Date de voyage: septembre 2014
Type de voyage: Groupe(10 personnes et plus)

Ocho Rios had lovely beaches and a gentle breeze. It was slightly overcast for a lot of the time and the water tended to be choppier than towards Negril. I saw lightening and panoramic stars in the night sky together for the first time, and if there was rain, it was short, felt warm and was refreshing. I went running a couple of mornings and it was already quite warm at 7am. We went to Dunn's River Falls and it was amazing! It had routes for more aggressive or more conservative climbers. Next time I go, a Bob Marley tour & snorkeling are on my To Do List!


Type de conseil: Divertissement

Bring tight fitting water socks for Dunn’s River Falls or buy some in Jamaica for $10-11usd. Our guide, called Smiley, was fantastic!

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Great Beaches, and Dunns River falls is worth the trip

Je recommanderais

Commenté par Alicia le juil. 15, 2013

Date de voyage: juillet 2013
Type de voyage: Groupe(10 personnes et plus)

I really enjoyed this area. The beaches were beautiful, and Dunns River falls is very close by.I preferred it over the Montego Bay Area, and didn't find the beaches in that area to be anywhere comparable to the ones in Runaway Bay and Ocho Rios. There are also some really beautiful resorts in this area as well.


Type de conseil: Divertissement


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Jamaica was two weeks of constant harassment, lieing, cheating, stealing, and threats of violence.

Je ne recommanderais pas

Commenté par garry/linda le févr. 03, 2013

Date de voyage: janvier 2013
Type de voyage: Couple

Although Jamaica is a beautiful country, we would NEVER go back. NEVER. The constant, in-your-face harassment by locals was too much to take. They NEVER, NEVER stop. They lie, cheat, and steal from the tourists with impunity. And when the tourist ignores or protests against their lieing, cheating, and stealing, the locals cry that we are not "respecting" them. They have no idea that respect is a two-way street. The Jamaican concept of "respect" is: "I want your money and I don't care how I get it and don't disrespect me if you force me to lie, cheat, and steal it from you." We spent time in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Kingston, Saint Ann, Port Antonio, as well as several other small towns and it was the same everywhere we went: constant harassment. One Taxi driver/tour operator got $50 (US) from us then failed to pick us up for the trip. One local pulled a knife on us when we politely said we didn't want to talk to him. (Luckily, the police hauled him away before he could make good his threats.) Taxi drivers were always offering us $20 - $50 (US) trips to the beach or downtown or wherever - trips that turned out to be one or two minute walks. We walked miles and miles and almost never escaped the constant barrage of hassle after hassle. Compared to Mexico, Cuba, the D.R., and Belize, Jamaica is a MUST TO AVOID. We were not in an all inclusive resort as we chose to stay in a hotel in Ocho Rios to connect with the people of Jamaica. If you stay in an all inclusive and dont mingle with the people you can enjoy the beauty of the island.


Type de conseil:

Stay at your resort. If you do venture out learn to say, politely, until you drop, "No thank you,"

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