Sporting equipment

Because suitcases aren't the only things you want to pack, it's best to be aware that sporting equipment checked in separately from baggage will count as one piece of checked baggage. Below you'll find info on bringing everything from surfboards to ski boots to soccer balls.

Sporting equipment overview

  • WestJet will accept sporting equipment that meets the requirements for air travel for domestic, U.S., international and chartered flights.

  • The maximum length accepted is 9.8 feet for any sports item.

  • Sporting equipment is subject to all applicable excess baggage fees unless otherwise stated. Fees are combinable where applicable. For example, if an item is overweight, oversized and a second item, all three fees may apply.

  • To view our baggage fees, please click here.
  • For additional packing instructions, more detail on restrictions or other information related to sporting equipment, please contact WestJet at: 1-888-937-8538 (1-888-WESTJET).

Item and packing details

Fee charged if this the bag/item is

Second1, third or fourth bagOversizeOverweight

Bicycle and helmet
One bicycle and one helmet are allowed per guest.

  • Remove pedals
  • Partially deflate your tires.
  • Fix handlebars sideways.
  • Pack the bicycle in a box or bag to protect your bike and prevent leakage on bicycles containing hydraulic fluid.
  • WestJet may refuse carriage of improperly packaged bicycles.
Yes Yes Yes

Golf clubs
Bags with built-in tripods must have the legs taped or secured to the bag.

Yes Waived Yes

Hockey, ringette, lacrosse and football equipment
One helmet, a puck/ring/football/stick, a set of pads, and a pair of cleats, shoes or skates are included as part of one accepted set, per guest.

Yes If the bag's primary use is to transport equipment, the oversize bag fee and overweight fee (up to 100 lb.) will be waived.

Scuba gear
One set of scuba gear is accepted per guest.

  • Cylinders containing compressed air or a special gas mixture are prohibited.
  • Only empty/emptied cylinders (pressure gauge must read zero) are allowed.
  • Tank valve must be open.
  • Diving lamps must be disconnected, with the terminals taped over to prevent accidental functioning during transport.
Yes Yes Yes

Skateboards, longboards and scooters
Skateboards and fold-up scooters (non-motorized) in addition to one helmet are accepted.

  • Snowboards must be packed for shipping to prevent damage.
  • Ski wax must be non-flammable, butane or used torches for ski wax are not accepted.
Yes Yes Yes

Skis, water skis and snowboards
One set: helmet, skis, boots and poles; or a snowboard and boots; or water skis (up to two).

  • Snowboards must be packed for shipping to prevent damage.
  • Ski wax must be non-flammable. Butane or torches used to remove ski wax are not accepted.
  • Ski wax must be non-flammable. Butane or torches used to remove ski wax are not accepted.
Yes Waived Yes

Sports balls

  • Inflatable sport balls such as basketballs, footballs, soccer balls and volleyballs must be partially deflated and are also permitted in carry-on baggage.
  • Bowling balls are accepted as checked baggage only.
Yes Yes Yes

Sports racquets
When properly packaged and within the sizing restrictions sports racquets are also permitted in carry-on baggage.

Yes Yes Yes

Surfboards and windsurfers
Accepted in checked baggage when less than 9.8 feet (3 metres) long.

  • All boards must have the skeg/fin removed, be padded, and packed properly to prevent damage to the board, sail and other baggage.
Yes Yes Yes

1The second bag fee will apply for guests travelling on an Econo or Flex fare. The second bag fee will not be charged for guests travelling on a Plus fare; all other applicable fees will apply.