Email and telephone scams

Be on the lookout for fraudsters posing as legitimate WestJet representatives. If you feel that you have been the target of a suspicious email or telephone call, please contact the RCMP Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1‑888‑495‑8501, or visit their website.

Email (phishing) and telephone scams are common methods used by criminals to lure people into disclosing personal information such as credit card numbers and account information. These scams intentionally impersonate trusted brands to leverage goodwill and avoid suspicion. They appear to be authentic and may go so far as to use logos and official sounding email addresses.

Email scams:

Phishing is the practice of sending phony email messages to trick recipients into sharing sensitive information. These scams often ask for personal information such as usernames, passwords and email addresses — WestJet will never ask you to share any of this information through an email. Phishing scams may also make a false claim that your account is in urgent need of attention. This sense of urgency drives the recipient to click a link to an authentic looking website which is actually a spoof site used to gather credit card information and account details. Avoid clicking on any attachments to these emails as they may contain viruses or spyware.

Key indicators of a phony email are:

  • a false claim that a prize or flight has been awarded;
  • a false claim that there is a problem with the recipients account that needs "fixing";
  • the existence of typos or poor grammar, spellings such as "Westjet" instead of "WestJet";
  • the sender's email address and any links in the document may appear authentic;
  • other authentic looking material such as logos or company colours.

Phone scams:

Automated phone recordings are used to target a large range of phone numbers including private unlisted numbers and office extensions. These calls will often state that you are a valued guest and are eligible for a prize, attempting to claim the prize will put you in contact with a live operator. This operator may attempt to gain access to your personal information such as credit card numbers or account details and may become quite persistent. WestJet DOES NOT participate in any form of phone promotion or solicitation.

Fake Instagram accounts alert

Several fake WestJet Instagram accounts have recently been set up and are promising free flights or vacations to the first 25,000 followers. This common Instagram scam technique allows an individual to build a large following with the intention of selling the account. Although the fake account names are similar to ours and some use our logo, they are not associated with WestJet.

We recommend guests do not follow these accounts and avoid sharing them on Instagram. The official WestJet Instagram account is called "WestJet" and can be found at

Phone Scam Alert

Telephone scammers are impersonating WestJet in an attempt to steal your personal information. WestJet does not use telemarketers or share guests' personal information. If you receive a call indicating that you've won "WestJet points/miles" or are a "preferred customer" please hang up. Visit for more info on this and other types of scams.