Travel advisories

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Travel advisory: World Triathlon Grand Final Cargo Alert

Edmonton hosts the World Triathlon Grand Final from August 26 – September 1, 2014. Thousands of athletes, support teams, and family members from all over the world will be converging on the Alberta capital for this world-class event at what is already one of the busiest travel times of the year. Athletes will be travelling with sporting equipment including bicycles, so baggage and cargo space will be at capacity. We encourage all guests travelling in and out of Edmonton between August 20th to September 3rd to pack carefully and limit themselves to as little baggage as possible. We wish all athletes participating in the World Triathlon Grand Final much success.

For WestJet guests who are competing in cycling events, high guest volumes due to the Labour Day weekend means baggage and cargo space on our aircraft will be particularly limited. We cannot guarantee there will be enough space to ship everyone's bike at the required times. We want your competition to go as smoothly as possible. Here are a couple of a couple of alternative options for shipping your bike, so that it gets to and from Edmonton when you need it to:

Phone scam alert

Telephone scammers are impersonating WestJet in an attempt to steal your personal information. WestJet does not use telemarketers or share guests' personal information. If you receive a call indicating that you've won "WestJet points/miles" or are a "preferred customer" please contact the RCMP Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501,, or visit their website. For more information about possible scams related to WestJet, please visit our email and telephone scams page.

Travel advisory instructions for travel agents

If your client needs to change their flight as the result of a WestJet travel advisory:

  • Enter "TRVL ADV DDMMMYY"** into the endorsement field if completing an exchange.
    • No penalties or fare difference will apply if the exchange is completed within the travel advisory specified date range.
    • **DDMMMYY is the travel date your client was impacted**
  • If the ticket remains open for future use and the exchange is completed outside the travel advisory specified date range, regular fees will apply.