Travel advisories

For information on entrance restrictions and health and security advisories for international destinations, please visit

Travel Advisory – Turks and Caicos app time zone error

Guests arriving to and departing from Turks and Caicos may have an incorrect device time and departure time displayed on their iOS devices.

Updates from Apple to iOS devices may include incorrect time zone information for Turks and Caicos. This will affect the current time visible on iOS devices, as well as the arrival time and departure time for flights visible in the iOS app. Please check for accurate departure and arrival times.

Travel advisory – Ebola

To prevent the entry and spread of the Ebola virus, many countries have implemented travel restrictions, including:

  1. The United States, whose Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have implemented enhanced screening for Ebola and requires all travellers who have been in West Africa in the preceding 21 days to only arrive at one of the following five airports:
    • John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York
    • Newark International Airport in New Jersey
    • Chicago's O'Hare International Airport
    • Dulles International Airport in Virginia
    • Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta
  2. Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Antigua and Barbuda who have introduced travel restrictions for persons who have travelled to many locations in West Africa within a specific period of time. For more information, please contact the consulate or embassy of the country you are travelling to.

For more information on the Ebola virus and Travel Health Notices on the Ebola outbreak, please consult the following Government of Canada website:

Phone scam alert

Telephone scammers are impersonating WestJet in an attempt to steal your personal information. WestJet does not use telemarketers or share guests' personal information. If you receive a call indicating that you've won "WestJet points/miles" or are a "preferred customer" please contact the RCMP Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or visit their website. For more information about possible scams related to WestJet, please visit our email and telephone scams page.

Travel advisory instructions for travel agents

If your client needs to change their flight as the result of a WestJet travel advisory:

  • Enter "TRVL ADV DDMMMYY"** into the endorsement field if completing an exchange.
    • No penalties or fare difference will apply if the exchange results in travel to be completed within seven days of a posted travel advisory date.
    • **DDMMMYY is the travel date your client was impacted**
  • If the ticket remains open for future use and the exchange is completed outside the travel advisory specified date range, regular fees will apply.