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WestJet has you covered when it comes to cheap flights to Las Vegas. As one of Canada's biggest air carriers, we fly to more than 150 destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. That's why you can feel confident WestJet makes it easy to find a great flight at an appealing price. Our belief is that you shouldn't have to lower your expectations because of a lower airfare, so we've built our corporate culture around safe, swift and comfortable guest experiences, each and every time. This is why innumerable guests count on WestJet — and why you can depend on us too.

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Airport Details: To LAS, McCarran International Airport

Las Vegas serves up countless reasons to visit, and you can get there with WestJet whatever your reasons may be. Once you land in the Entertainment Capital of the World, you can check out such popular attractions as the Las Vegas Strip, Bellagio’s world famous fountains, Grand Canyon and beyond. Secure the cheap flight you've been looking for today and you'll be set to experience what one of Nevada's most exciting and entertaining destinations has to offer. We're known for offering great deals on great flights, but it's our attentive customer service that makes us stand out. You can count on WestJet for cheap flights to Las Vegas.

The WestJet team may be recognized for offering cheap flights to Las Vegas along with a great guest experience, but we also take pride in our community involvement. Our charitable initiatives exemplify a culture of caring that transcends the airline industry. WestJet Cares for Kids, for example, is a partnership with eight national charities — including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada — that supports improvements in children's health and wellbeing. Our positive impact also extends to the environment. That includes operating a fleet of fuel-efficient aircraft and thinking carefully about the side-effects of our infrastructure and procedures. As a result, we take pride in reporting a 44.8 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency per revenue tonne kilometre. It's yet another reason why you can feel good about arranging your travel to Las Vegas through WestJet.

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