Identification Requirements

Remember your ID and travel documents.

You've planned and paid for your trip and you're ready to go. Don't let missing travel documents stop your plans short.

Everyone, no matter their age, needs an ID that matches the name on their ticket. You need to make sure you and any child with you have the right ID and travel papers for every country you’re visiting or passing through. Check with the nearest embassy or consulate of each country for what you need.

Note: Information and guidance on this page is not meant to replace policies and regulations from official government sources.
Visit the Government of Canada website to learn more.  

ID requirements at boarding


Check our travel requirements tool to see what you need to know before you.

Travel to the U.S. and International Destinations

Travel to or through Canada

WestJet Vacations package bookings

All identification information outlined above applies to your travel. You should also be aware that some hotel and activity suppliers may require ID for redemption of services.

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