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Are you on the lookout for great all-inclusive spa vacations? You can count on WestJet Vacations for escapes that revolve around one of life's great indulgences — relaxing at a spa. We're proud to provide our guests with affordable air travel and hand-picked package deals so they can spend less time planning and more time enjoying their preferred pastime. You could be relaxing at a spa before you know it — simply browse the packages below to find your perfect all-inclusive vacation.

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We're proud to offer special guest experiences and affordable flights — and we're also proud to provide a huge variety of getaway packages. With WestJet Vacations, you can expect strictly-vetted hotels, great rates, added extras and even the ability to change or cancel your booking within 24 hours. The bottom line is that every member of the friendly WestJet team is committed to providing an excellent guest experience every single time. That's why smart vacationers know to count on WestJet Vacations for their ideal all-inclusive spa vacations.

Flexible, convenient packages

The benefits of going all-inclusive when it comes to spa vacations are numerous, including conveniently booking your flights and accommodations in one place. With WestJet Vacations, you can take comfort in the fact that all of the hotels and resorts in our packages have been pre-selected by our trusted team of vacation experts to make sure you're getting great quality and guest care. Yet this does not mean that your options are limited; on the contrary, you can sift through a wide range of destinations and choose the length of stay, price point, room style and more that best match your specific wants and needs. So no matter if you're searching for an affordable weekend escape, a seven-night stay complete with a meal plan or a two-week spa experience, look no further than WestJet Vacations for the all-inclusive package that matches your travel tastes best.

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