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TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Timeshare Experience with Signature Disney Flair

Connector361692 on Apr 12, 2024

During my stay at Disney Aulani in October, the room rates were comparable to the neighboring Four Seasons, setting high expectations for a timeshare property and experience. For Disney enthusiasts, Aulani delivers character sightings and opportunities for photos with Mickey. The resort heavily leverages the Disney brand, from Mickey ear waffles to themed merchandise featuring Minnie and Mickey. Its everywhere. The ambiance may not justify the premium price tag for all. The pools can get extremely crowded, resembling a game of musical chairs just to find a seat. The dining experience is 2 levels up from Dennys, consisting of fairly mediocre and unhealthy offerings that might not appeal to those with a palate for finer cuisine. If you're a Disney fan looking for a timeshare experience at a luxury price point, Aulani might be the perfect spot. Just be prepared for the crowds and a mediocre dining experience. You may want to consider staying at the four seasons next door, then grab some lunch at the Aulani with kids, look for Mickey, then walk 5 minutes back to the four seasons for your real holiday.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

This Resort 100% racist discriminate. Guarantee!!

Hung N (Elk Grove, California) on Apr 10, 2024

This Reviews for Makaiki breakfast restaurant. I came in for waitlist 2 hours ahead. The reception straight racist discrimination until 10:45. They said they can’t get me in but the white group behind my waiting list get in. I went to front desk file complaint to Manager but no manager willing talk to him. Hopefully your boss read this message contact me directly. You got my contact number. Unbelievable to all my 5k followers. Do not stay here. They all F..Ck racist.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Aulani, NOT accommodating to Locals...

Joyce T (San Francisco, California) on Apr 08, 2024

My friend and I just finished lunch (Saturday, 4/6 at 12:30pm) and was so excited to see ShellieMay standing alone (most don't know who she is, but she is my favorite character from Tokyo Disney). Picture included. I gave my phone to my friend to take a picture with my beloved, ShellieMay - only to be abruptly stopped by a young girl who stood in front of me to block my way asking for my wrist band and sternly said that "pictures can only be taken if you’re a guest." I said that I understood but stated that we had just had lunch (almost $100) and where at the resort to check out the property and there was absolutely NO ONE in line. We were interested in investing into the Disney Club Vacation worth thousands of dollars (minimum of 33K first year), and I even flew to Honolulu to visit Aulani. I would not have approached ShellieMay if there were a line of resort paying guests. Upon arrival to Aulani, we walked right up to Pluto and Max, but didn't take pictures, and the young girl asked if we wanted to take pictures. I was curious about Aulani's ratings, and not surprised to read, "...While the hotel's cleanliness receives high marks, opinions on service and value diverge; some praise the attentive staff, while others bemoan..." I completely understand that resort guests are the priority. Perhaps, local families have brought their children in the past to see the characters because they are otherwise unable to afford a family trip to Disneyland. However, the way the young girl spoke to us and treated us (with ShellieMay) left a very unpleasant "Aloha" feeling towards Aulani. This may have been an isolated incident for which training for current and new employees should emphasize the care in which they speak to anyone on the property. We have held off on investing into the Disney Club Vacation, will never stay at Aulani and would not recommend to friends/colleagues who live in Hawaii, and will visit Tokyo Disney if we want to take a picture with ShellieMay.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Nice landscapes, average rooms, and poor customer service for an outrageous price

mbg996 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on Apr 07, 2024

Prior to my visit, I was confident Disney’s top-notch customer service and attention to detail would be the factors that distinguished Aulani from other resorts. Though it goes without saying Aulani is a beautiful property, the amenities are worth nowhere close to the given price tag, and the Disney standard for hospitality / customer service was sorely lacking. The good things about Aulani (nice beaches, pools, and sunsets) could be found at an island resort at another destination for half the cost and significantly better customer service. I’m not joking when I say the Polynesian at WDW was more like what I expected an actual Hawaiian resort to be (and at least I got a complimentary lei there, unlike Aulani!). During my stay, I stayed in both a studio and one of the hotel rooms available to book with DVC points. The studio was cute and very similar to ones I’ve stayed in at other DVC resorts, both in the design of the room and amenities. The hotel room, however, was pretty beat and not worth the price tag at all (stained furniture, half-working shower head, dollar-store shower curtain, dust, etc.); it looked like it had been a while since attention was given to the room. It’s worth noting that, had I paid cash, both of these rooms would’ve cost $750 a night during the relative “low” season; to be blunt, the room didn’t feel like it was worth half that price. Though trivial details don’t make or break a vacation, they reflect the limited effort put into offering an experience that matches the premium price tag. In terms of resort offerings, the beach was one of the few places that had a “paradise” feel; likewise, the infinity pool overlooking the beach was an oasis. The lazy river was nice at times, though often became filled with debris and kids messing around with inner tubes as the day went on (which also made it hard to find a tube at times). Beyond the pools, room tours, and character spots, it was hard to find an activity that wasn’t a “premium experience” (i.e., extra money). The amount of adults who signed up for ukelele lessons admittedly because it was a free activity (pretty much the entire room) was hysterical and reflected the limited nature of complimentary offerings. I didn’t travel with kids, but I can’t imagine how much would’ve been spent if opting to do the various paid offerings (and before thinking you can just tell your kids “no” to all of these activities, the plenty of screaming/crying kids around the resort will tell you otherwise - the lifeguards were looking for a couple missing kids per day). Overall, I was disappointed in the staff at Aulani - the disdain for tourism was evident in quite a few, while others were friendly enough to play the game but seemed insincere. Across the course of my trip, I only had a handful of interactions with staff members that actually came off as genuine (gift shop and character attendants). The front desk staff was pretty stoic and not very welcoming or helpful. Weekend pool staff was generally friendlier than the weekday bunch. Another area of disappointment was the outrageous cost of things around the resort, especially food. I completely understand that, to some degree, the cost of things in Hawaii is more than the contiguous states… but $15 for a cupcake at a quick service? WHAT? There’s a difference between prices reflecting cost of living and price gouging. As a DVC member, I think it’s unrealistic to say I’ll never come back to Aulani; however, it would be at least five years minimum before I’d consider it again. It wasn’t hard to say goodbye to Aulani at the end of the trip; I didn’t pull away with an immediate yearning to come back, like I have at other resorts. If you’re not a member and paying cash, the resort is a horrible value. Overall, if you’re dead set on going to Aulani, I would lower your expectations and raise your budget.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Close to perfect!

DanWF18 (New Jersey) on Apr 05, 2024

Checking out today. Family of four here, we’ve had a great time… Location: About 30 minutes west of Honolulu in an area called Ko Olina. It’s a master-planned area of Oahu with hotels, shops, a golf course, and homes. It’s very well-maintained and overall has stunning views of the ocean and sunset. Resort: Exactly what you’d expect from a Disney property. It’s clean and the wonderfully landscaped outside. The service is excellent, staff is friendly and attentive. There are several pools, a lazy river, water slides, and lagoon access. Chairs are hard to come by at busy times but we always managed. Room: We stayed in a studio with a pool/ocean view. It was quiet and comfortable. The sofa bed isn’t great but was fine for a few nights. Food: Expensive but always good. Your best bet for lunch is Mama’s in the pool area. Never a line, quick service, and delicious. Get the coconut shrimp! For dinner, the best meal was Makahiki. $75/person but delicious and the service was great. Biggest complaint about food is the line for shave ice, which is next to Mama’s. Waited 45 minutes for that. Other: My advice would be to rent a car and check out other things like Diamondhead, Kualoa Ranch, Pearl Harbor, and the North Shore. There’s a cheaper luau option called Paradise Cove on the Ko Olina property that’s walkable and we all enjoyed that. Monkeypod is a great restaurant that’s across the street from Aulani, also. Overall, a great trip! Highly recommended

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