International passenger rules and fares

Containing Rules, Fares & Charges on behalf of WestJet applicable to the transportation of passengers and baggage between points in United States/Canada and points in Area 1/2/3 and between points in the US and points in Canada.

For list of participating carriers, see IPGT-1, DOT:581, CTA:373. This tariff is governed, except as otherwise provided herein, by Maximum Permitted Mileage Tariff No. MPM-1, DOT:424, CTA:239; Aircraft Type Seating Configuration Tariff No. TS-2, DOT:220, CTA:111; and International Passenger Governing Tariff No. IPGT-1, DOT:581, CTA:373 issued by Airline Tariff Publishing Company, Agent, supplements thereto and reissues thereof.