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Give the gift of Gold

Platinum and Gold members can now do more with their milestone awards. By exchanging a milestone award—such as a companion voucher—earned at $6,000 or more1, you can give two gifts of Gold status to friends or family members that can each be used on a round-trip flight2. Now your friends and family can also get more out of their experience when they fly.

Frequently asked questions

With a Gift of Gold voucher, you can give Gold status to another member so they can travel like a Gold member on one round-trip flight, even when not travelling with you. With each eligible milestone award exchanged, you’ll receive two one-time use Gift of Gold vouchers, allowing you to gift Gold status to two different members.

Gift of Gold vouchers will be added as a milestone award option later this year, but Platinum and Gold members can get started now by exchanging available milestone awards already earned for two (2) Gift of Gold vouchers. The following are eligible for exchange: 

  • A WestJet-wide companion voucher earned at $6,000 in qualifying spend.
  • A milestone award (which includes a choice of WestJet-wide companion voucher, four guest lounge vouchers, or six guest advance seat selection vouchers) earned at $8,000 or higher.
  • Until September 30, 2021, members who have already selected their award for a milestone award earned at $8,000 or higher but have not used the selected voucher(s) may also exchange the applicable voucher(s) for two Gift of Gold vouchers. In the case of lounge or seat selection vouchers, all vouchers must have been associated to the same milestone award when selected and must not have been redeemed. 

All requests to gift Gold status (whether made at the time of exchanging your award or later) must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the recipient’s planned date of travel.

Gift of Gold vouchers and upgrades to Gold will have the same expiry date as the award exchanged. If you have multiple awards of the same type, the first to expire will be exchanged.

A recipient must take their round-trip flight before their Gold status expires. Once the upgrade is processed, the benefits will automatically apply to the recipient’s next round-trip flight and when travel is completed, they’ll return to the applicable tier based on their qualifying spend at that time.

Please make sure you and your Gift of Gold recipients are familiar with the terms and conditions of exchanging an award and gifting and use of Gold status (including details on eligible travel). You can come back to this page anytime by visiting