Expectant and new mothers

If you are an expectant mother more than 36 weeks into your pregnancy, we recommend that you check with your physician or midwife before travelling. We want you to be as safe and comfortable as possible during your journey with us — here are a few tips that we hope will help.

You may select your seat in advance for a fee. Many expectant mothers reserve an aisle seat to easily access the lavatory and to allow movement during the flight. If you don’t select your seat when booking your reservation, you can select your seat in advance by contacting us by phone, or by entering your reservation code and last name in Manage trips. You can select your seat when you check in on westjet.com within 24 hours of your flight's departure. Please note, the earlier you book your seat, the better selection you'll have.

Staying comfortable and maintaining good circulation is important. You may want to perform some simple seated movements (one leg at a time) by gently extending, and then gently stretching your calf by first pointing and then flexing your foot, rotating your ankles and wiggling your toes.

We ask all guests to keep their seat belt fastened at all times when seated; as an expectant mother, you should keep the seat belt fastened under your belly and placed low on your hips. If you require a seat belt extender for comfort, just ask your flight attendant and they will provide one for you.

We recommend that you layer your clothing to ensure you are able to adjust to the temperature onboard.

If you have given birth within the last seven days: first, congratulations! Second, when travelling with a baby that is less than 8 days old, WestJet requires an approval letter from a physician that gives your newborn permission to fly. Please present the letter to a WestJet representative when you check-in at the airport.

For up to date information on food allowances including breast milk, formula, water, juice and other baby items please refer to our CATSA page.

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