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Kids Club

simone k on Jun 15, 2024

Shakira and Clevia from the kids club are awesome I am definitely recommending that every parent should bring their kids at the club. The evening entertainment by the children were high quality for the short time practicing. Awesome job ladies for what u r doing with the children. Much Love

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Family vacation let down

Karen D on Jun 15, 2024

Overall the food was good and the rooms were nice. Apparently they didn’t have blenders and couldn’t make frozen drinks. They were out of several items on the menu every night. The roofs could use some maintenance as the shingles were falling off. The fans didn’t work in some of the restaurants. The people were somewhat nice. Not like other resorts have been. The whole members only was annoying.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

The food sucks. The views are amazing. The service is exceptional most of the time. The guys will constantly hit on you.

Jae R on Jun 15, 2024

Overall, the trip was amazing. The environment was beautiful, with many activities available and various options to relax. The nightly entertainment events were a blast, and my favorite was the Las Vegas show, closely followed by the international show. However, most of the food served at the resort was below average unless specially made. They don’t use any seasonings in their food, which was a big no for me and mainly the reason for the 3-star rating. A few other aspects were initially cool but became annoying. If you are a young woman walking without a man, the Jamaican men/employees will consistently hit on you. If you are a nice-looking man, the female Jamaican employees will be more fond of you and give you more. Unfortunately, some female Jamaican employees will not be friendly to young women. Travel Experience: Getting to the resort was a mess. We landed in Montego Bay, and it was about a two-hour drive away from the city into basically the middle of nowhere. This means you need a car if you want to go off the resort, see the culture, and do things. We were about to be dropped off at the Lady Hamilton resort side, but they told us to go to the Grand Palladium side, even though our names were on the list there. The Grand Palladium side questioned why we were there since our rooms were booked for the Lady Hamilton side. After explaining the situation, they pointed us to an area labeled "members only," which applies to travel club members. Each family member had to sign papers and give their information, even if underage. There was a small section to opt out of information sharing with third parties, which you had to be meticulous to catch. They gave us an orientation, a map, and a caveat about a few places being off-limits because they were exclusive member areas, including a beach. Since we were in separate rooms, a person from each room had to go to the concierge the following morning. The next morning, when we showed up, they said both parents had to be there. After waiting for a while, I left because it didn't seem necessary, and it turns out, it wasn't. I wish the orientation ladies had told us only the essentials. I enjoy my beauty sleep. Because we didn’t settle in until 6-7 p.m., I opted out of exploring the resort for the night. That night there was a Jamaican show at the theater, which I heard was very entertaining. They have scheduled activities every day, and you can see the schedules on their app. However, sometimes the entertainment board shows different activities than the app, causing confusion. For example, one night, the app listed reggae, the board said international, and the employee said reggae international, but it ended up being standard American club music all night. Housekeeping and Room Service: Housekeeping went above and beyond. They changed our sheets on the first day because of a previous stain and even swept the porch when we brought in dirt. They were friendly and the most down-to-earth staff we encountered. Room service was great as well, with staff walking to the end of the resort in the rain, one person holding a covered plate and another holding an umbrella to keep the food dry. Restaurants: The desserts at the resort, regardless of the restaurant, were bad. Anything that was supposed to be creamy was gelatinous and hard, such as cheesecakes and tiramisus. Sumitro Restaurant: Sumitro generally runs their restaurant poorly. When we went for reservations on the regular side, they made us wait an hour to be seated because some of our party was late. On the hibachi side, even though some of our party was late, they had an attitude and said they would’ve seated us anyway since everyone had to wait for the show to start. None of these rules were communicated beforehand, and should be stated during orientation. The food was bland, except for the shrimp miso soup, which was the best miso I’ve ever had. Portions were small, but the waiter was cool. Hibachi Side at Sumitro: Nico was our cook. He was interactive but not as much as the cook beside us who used fire. Our waitress was not friendly but did her job well. The cook seemed extremely bothered when he came back to clean up. El Dorado Restaurant: We made reservations for this restaurant and a few others through the travel club concierge. When we arrived, it was closed for the day with a sign directing us to the buffet. We asked several employees why, but no one gave a straight answer. The hotel should notify guests when restaurants are closed, and the concierge should not make reservations for closed places. Adelita Restaurant: The manager, Joaan, was kind and helpful, letting us eat there without a reservation after hearing what happened. Most of the food was bland except for the chicken taquitos and raw tuna taco. The service was disappointing except for the manager. Our server had a bad attitude, sucking her cheeks whenever we asked for simple things like a water refill. We waited a long time for our main course, while a family who arrived after us got their food first. Our waitress gave the worst service during our stay. I wish I had our waitress’s name because she gave the worst service during our stay. It was very disappointing. Xamaica Restaurant: This restaurant had fast service, and the server was extremely friendly. The servings were huge, but the food was bland. Most of the main courses can also be found at the buffets. The steak was the best dish. Mobay Buffet: The Mobay buffet is slightly better than the Negril buffet. They have a wide selection, but most of the food is bland, and they leave the front doors open, letting flies in. For breakfast, my go-tos were the French toast and plantains, though they never had enough plantains. Most of the meat had too much bone or fat to be edible, except for the steak. Service at Mobay was exceptional, with both women and men being extremely friendly. Sports Facility/Sports Center: After looking at the scheduled sports on the resort app, I wanted to attend some activities. The sports center is outside the resort, across the entrance road. I went once and there was no one there. I returned later for tennis, but still found no one. I smelled weed and thought I saw male figures behind trees. After asking about the center, I was directed to three different places in the resort before they called an employee to open the sports center. The next day, there was an archery event where Theasha McLean graciously pulled out the gear despite earlier rain showers. While there was no direction on how to do the archery, she was friendly and accommodating. She was adamant about us writing a review for her, so this goes out to her. Just a little extra. I was told this resort had the biggest infinity pool in Jamaica. I really wouldn't call it an infinity pool. One pool connects to another pool, not to the ocean and not to a cliff. It's mid.

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Just great

Hermine Ann T on Jun 14, 2024

I visited the resort .. not knowing what to expect.. on the whole every thing was excellent.. good food ..friendly staff.. clean surrounding. The resort is a big place to get around .. but that could be organized. Friendly kids club with activities to amuse the kids. Will certainly will be going back.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Pickle ball

Kadia M on Jun 13, 2024

@Theasha by the sports center was amazing!! She taught me how to play pickle ball and She played pickleball with me and it was so fun my first time playing and it is a very nice game also the hotel is good the food is okay and nice welcoming staff as well.

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