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Our review of Royal Decameron Club Caribbean!

Lov E (St. John's, Canada) on Apr 14, 2024

We stayed here from April 7-11th and although it was a short trip we would like to leave some feedback. Royal Decameron Club Caribbean is definitely a gem with a lot of potential. While we did enjoy our stay for the most part, there were also a few minor changes that would have made it so much better. Overall Service was 4.5/5: the majority of the staff were super pleasant, helpful and accommodating. Special shoutouts to adult bar staff Rushaun and Patricia, the service manager, main bar staff Keshawn, and the always awesome front desk staff. You guys made our trip top notch. Housekeeping 5/5: staff were friendly and did a great job with our room. We had plenty of fresh towels and never wanted for anything. Rooms 5/5: loved our room! We stayed in cottage 146 and it was perfect for us. The bed was a bit hard and lumpy and could use a mattress foam, but otherwise it was good. Food 2/5: This was probably our least favorite part. There was very limited selection and we would have expected to see some jerk pork or chicken throughout the stay. Apart from brown stew chicken, salt fish and ackee and kidney, we didnt see any other meats from jamaican cuisine. Apparently we had missed jamaican night the night before we came, but these things are typically a part of daily buffet or grill service at all other resorts we've stayed at. The nightly grill was great on the first night and we got fresh burgers and fries, however the other 2 nights that we attempted to get a snack the food was put in the main dining room on a steam line. We went early and there was nothing left but hot dogs and cold soggy fries. It really doesn't seem much to ask to have one person serving fresh burgers and fries at the end of the night. We attempted to get breakfast each morning and 3 out of 4 days there was no bacon by 945am. This was disappointing. The smoothie bar and fresh fruits were very good! This was a nice addition. The Caribbean a la carte was absolutely fantastic. Great food and service from Nicholas. He really made the meal special. The Thai a la carte was a disaster. Our reservation was for 830pm. We waited in line until 845 and were seated. We were served water and one glass of wine until 930pm at which time I asked where the other glass of wine was for my husband. Despite being the first to be seated for dinner service out of 30+ people, we were the last to be served our food which arrived after 10pm and was cold. The rice was actually hard and felt like it would break your teeth. We left without eating most of it. The beef patties and wings at the grill were yummy. It would be nice to be given more than one chicken wing each when ordering however. To be honest, we had 2 enjoyable meals there in 4 days. We were hungry a lot of the time. Drinks 5/5: We drink mostly wine, beer or campari which were all plentiful and good! We were very satisfied with this and the rum punch was also so good! Resort amenities and upkeep 5/5: the beaches, pools and grounds were absolutely perfect. It would have been nice to have a shaded area of the pool but it's no big deal. We loved the beach mostly, it was beautiful and taken care of. The staff work really hard to keep the resort clean and beautiful, and it shows. Entertainment 4/5: the nightly shows were fantastic. We didn't wish to take part in daily activities but there seemed to always be something happening and lots of staff engaging with guests. The disco was disappointing. They open it one hour after the show which is too much time between Entertainment, people get tired of waiting and go to bed. There was also hardly any efforts to draw people in. When we arrived at 11pm on two separate nights, the bartender was sitting on the couch and the music was hardly loud enough to hear. The bar lights were turned off and it looked like it was closed. This was surprising to us because a disco late at night is a great opportunity for staff to make extra tips. We actually spoke to a few people who didn't go in because they thought it was closed. It's sad because it would be nice to have something to do past 10pm, but there doesn't seem to be much interest from the staff to keep it going. Last point. If you are a cat lover, this is the resort for you. I would estimate there are anywhere from 15 to 20 cats living on the resort. They are so sweet and domesticated, we even saw a mother with two kittens. Bring cat treats or anything that you think might be good for kitties! If you don't like cats, this probably isn't the resort for you. Overall we had a good experience and would likely return, however we'd definitely love more jamaican food selection as part of the regular buffet at least every other day (oxtail, curry goat, jerk chicken/pork) and a few little tweaks in what we mentioned above to make the trip more enjoyable. It's a great resort with fantastic staff, which makes all the difference! Thanks so much for everything. We hope to see you all again soon! :)

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Third Visit - Dissapointed.

Alan W (Darlington, United Kingdom) on Apr 12, 2024

This was our third visit to Royal Decameron, but will be the last. We paid extra for a Sea View Bungalow, and before departure e-mailed requesting one near to room 65 which we had stayed in previously. On arrival we were shown to room No 65. I explained to the porter that we had paid extra for a Sea View Bungalow. He went to reception and returned to say that they had misread the e-mail. We could have room 65 for the night and move next day. Or Room No.20 was available. We set off to view room 20, when a member of staff came to say No.1 was available. This room seemed perfect so we settled on that room. The staff were very accomodating over this. Room No. 1 is very good but with a couple of exceptions. The water pressure in the shower is poor. When you wash your hair it is impossible to get the soap out. Also the solid wooden sofa bed which sticks out over the Walk-In closset is a hazard, as I found out to my cost. On the first night I banged my shin on the bed. Medical fees for a wound to the shin and swelling cost me £931.00. I have been able to re-claim most of it from the Insurance company. The bed is a hazard and needs to be moved. Also due to two lots of antibiotics I was not able to drink for 12 days of the holiday. Previously the Hotel was owned by an English man. Sadly he died in a car accident and the family have leased the site to some Columbians. It is not the same place it used to be. 95% of the staff are rude and have no interest in engaging with guests. Sun Beds are in short supply. Even after a delivery of new beds there was still not enough for guests. When you enter the dinning room it was difficut to find a clean table to sit at. They were stacked with dirty dishes. You would stand there and nobody made an effort to clear the tables for you until you asked. Then you had to go and get your own cutlery. David Whyte who served at Breakfast was the exception. He was running around trying to serve guests and clear tables, while the rest of the staff stood around trying to look busy while doing very little. After the first week there was some improvement. We understand this was due to a guest posting a poor review direct to the Hotel's website. This was short lived as the service was staring to slip again after a few days. There was a shortage of various foods. For example: First evening Ice Cream was available then no more till the last evening. Several days no bacon at breakfast. Some days no Bananas. Don't they grow them in Jamaica? No butter at Breakfast. One evening we went for dinner at 8pm. It was BBQ night. 2 cauldrons of Soup. One was empty the other was Spanish Water soup!!! We went to the BBQ no Pork left and Chicken would be another half hour. So we had some salad and after 30 minutes went back to the BBQ. The Chicken still not ready, will be another 25 minutes. After another 15 minutes told the chicken would be some time. How long is some time we asked. At least 30 minutes. How long does it take to cook chicken on a BBQ. We gave up and left. Next day we spoke to guests who had been waiting for chicken. They said it was about 90 minutes wait and then they were rationed to a very small approx. 2" piece as they had run out. On previous visits Red Stripe Lager was on tap. This time only cans of cheap Continental Lager. When we asked for Red Stripe we were told that they do not serve it. However when they ran out of the cheap lager they would produce cans of Red Stripe. But when that ran out there was no beer for the rest of the day. There was no beer for 5/6 days. The staff at the main pool bar had no engagement with guests unless you were tipping them every day. When your turn to get served they would just point at you. Bring back Big Mikey and the crew they knew how run a bar. So we went to the Jetty Bar at night. Junior who had only been there 4 months was always smiling and chatting to guests, and nothing was any trouble to him. The maid cleaning our room did a great job no complaints about her service. But some days there was no hand towels. One day we had NO towels until 7.30pm. We had to use our dirty beach towels to shower before going out. Thing need to improve and fast.

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Courtenay-Dawn S (Tisdale, Canada) on Apr 08, 2024

I’m seeing a tonne of negative comments and that’s to each their own! I took my daughter and her best friend for a girls trip for her 18th birthday! What can I say.. we had a freaking BLAST! We had so much fun! The little cottage we had was right by the main lobby! It was adorable! I had the bed downstairs and the girls were upstairs ! The thatched roof was actually kinda fun. We all slept soooo good! Not one complaint there! We always had clean towels. We would request water and it was brought rather quickly. The bartenders were super fun! There was one that was having a bad day but we all have them! The entertainment was great! My girls had so much fun! DICE, Shakira, Candy.. plus the rest of the entertainment, you all made every evening so great! My girls were up dancing and winning prizes nightly! We felt safe with all staff. Sure some of the guys were flirty with us but that’s ok. No one was in appropriate. I found the staff helpful. We had super amazing exertions with an off report company and it was beyond wonderful. We were very sad to leave. Wes, and all the groundskeepers who all got hugs goodbye, were nothing short of amazing and helpful ! I’m sure we will keep in touch for a long time with the many people we met there! Remember you do get what you pay for! If you are wanting to sit in a new resort and not leave and have the newest of everything this is not the resort for you. But if you are going to explore and mingle off resort I highly recommend it! The beaches were beautiful, the drinks were goooood (blue Hawaiin’s all the way) the food was always good with huge selection. I don’t know.. we had a freaking amazing time. Thank you for making my daughters birthday girls trip so amazing!!! Courtenay , Isis and Jenna ??

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Would not visit again.

SimTenMcr on Apr 05, 2024

Cons The most disappointing was the food. Minimal authentic Jamaican dishes and when there was any the quality of the food was poor. Ackee and saltfish so wet and soggy. Plantain unripe and was deep fat fryed too long it was rock hard. No callaloo just kale and steamed veg. The normal food the taste was bland. Not much variety. The snack bar all they served was burger and chips or hotdog and chips. Cheap frozen food. Limited branded alcohols - be good if they had aperol and the white rum was not Wray & nephew. Customer service was poor - staff appeared miserable and unaccommodating at times. Entertainment - mediocre, reminded me of a British Butlins The cottages could do with a good freshen up in one of the cottages there was mould present on the wood panelings of the pitched room. Imagine what we are actually inhaling. Location is not great - not much near it. However you’re not far from Ocho Rios Shower could do with being more updated - quite fiddly at times with the controls. Little things like having an ice cream machine would be nice. Pros I like the idea of cottages so you are not neighbouring anyone else. Everything is all on one level so very accessible for people with pushchairs and for disabled people. Housekeeping was daily and late morning Fridge in the room with daily bottle water being replenished. Sometimes it is better spending that extra bit more to have the better experience. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in January in Montego Bay and you could definitely tell the difference when you spend that bit extra.

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sallysG8789NF on Apr 03, 2024

Whole resort in need of updating. We stayed in a hut which needed updating but was clean. There were holes in the roof 29, I believe we counted, thankfully we did not get wet somehow. There was no fridge in the room which was disappointing and the towels were hit and miss. You could forget eating if you weren’t first at buffet. There were no clean tables, cutlery, glasses and food ran out frequently. Tables were not cleared and left piled up when customers had nowhere to sit. Staff were not helpful or bothered if you had a good time. The hotel was ran more for the staff to have fun than for the customers. Bar staff would wash glasses rather than serve you. The beaches and views were what made this place a 3 star and not the service. Parts of beach were cordoned off with tape and unsafe and sun loungers had seen better days.

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