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Great Location but not worth it

lauren c (London, United Kingdom) on Apr 06, 2024

Where do I start? I booked this hotel for my mother's birthday, and if I hadn't had some incredible experiences lined up, I would have been so disappointed. When requesting our meal be returned to the kitchen as it was cold, the waiter suggested the breeze outside was what had made the food cold. Sure, the breeze that evening was great, but I can assure you it didn’t freeze the mashed potatoes, broccoli and BBQ ribs on my plate. Even when the food returned, it was still lukewarm. So when people say the food is bad. They didn’t lie. You can expect lukewarm food that lacks seasoning. And for an all-inclusive, that’s shocking. What’s even more shocking is that the cocktails don’t even ease the blow of how terrible the food is. Clearly pre-mixed, but truly terrible. We figured out the best cocktails were either a tequila sunset or a rum punch. But for a country that specializes in tequila, the margaritas at this hotel were diabolic. The hot tub in our bedroom wasn't usable. The water was green, and even when someone came to "fix it", we still weren't able to use it. I saw online that the hotel offers a free shuttle to a nearby beach club, but this service is no longer available. It was disappointing as it was one of the factors that played a part in us staying here, but alas. Overall, this hotel's location is great, and Yarida and Edna at the spa were incredible. We booked a couple's massage, and they were truly amazing. I wouldn't stay here again.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

It is not worth the money.

Camila N (Vancouver, Canada) on Mar 15, 2024

Review To owner: Please find a consultant for: - Food consistency - Guest Communication - Resort Activity I really wanted to ove this place. The beds very comfortable, room clean, AC was working. Breakfast food was okay - same food for 6 days no change whatsoever. - Food the first day was buffet and cold. - Second day - Asian and the sauce was very salty - we didn't finish the food - Third day was Italian - food was okay but all their dessert from menu were not available and you only find out when you ask. No info in advance. They also don't know how to explain why there is no desert. Im fluent in Spanish btw. - Fourth day: Creme Brûlée was a pudim and when i went to talk to the waiter I was told that was Mexican style. (See picture). It was again Italian night. Same food as previous day. The "Greek Salad" was tasty but again it was not Greek. We ate salad everyday and very inconsistent from one day to another - totally different salad. (See picture) - Red wine is always chilled - Cheesecake was a simple cale as per picture. - 2 nights steak back to back. Recreation: - Non existent due to the lack of resources. - The Mayan ceremony was nice and meaningful. - Not enough chairs for the guests to seat by the pool. There were less 30 chairs for the whole resort. Spa The ladies were wonderful. No complains. The steam room was cold. The service was great 10:10 Room: - Internet didn't work 70% of the time for a simple phone call. - Shower water didnt have pressure and we spent 1 full day without water to shower or brush teeth and no communication on why this happened. When we asked them, they told us that something had broken. - We didnt have hot water for 3 days. - The phone in the room didn't work, the other couple the tv didn't work. - It took 5 hours to fill the jacuzzi and it supposed to be 40 minutes according to them. - Housekeeping arrives to clean at 8:30-9am knocking and waking you up. - No water 1 day in the whole resort. - No communication about the shortcomings - Phone didnt work the entire trip. We asked the reception to fix numerous time. Staff: - Freddy and George were the highlight. They should train the other employees. Most of them were friendly. They were amazing with drinks. We always felt welcome. - One staff was argumentative over the creme brule not being creme brule and he just shrub me off. The bike: You can take the bike which is nice but no process for guests. When you go get the bike they send you back to the reception to get a paper to fill out. Tulum National Park- I couldn't get because there was police with heavy artillery looking inside cars for water bottles. After you pass that there were guards charging 60 pesos to enter and no cards or dollar. - no where written down about the process. The beach- No access. I know you will see the beach and it is beautiful right by the hotel but no access and it has two red flags so you cannot swim. All beaches in Tulum is full of seaweeds. At the end of the road we were able to find a "beach" and it was beautiful. I have to say I am not sure if is new management or what it is but it is not worth the nineteen hundred ech for the week.

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Great resort! Quiet, no lines and over the top service.

bobby8513 on Mar 07, 2024

We loved the resort. Nice room. The service was great. No buffet lines. We were served every meal and every beverage. It is a ni e place to relax and enjoy the views. The staff were amazing. The food was great. Lunches and dinners were both delicious. I would go back any time without hesitation.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Beautiful property but needs a lot of attention

helenabZ6751LD on Feb 29, 2024

Resort needs TLC, only 1 restaurant with same food all week, NO Entertainment of any kind or activities, no where to sit in evening but in a small bar area with uncomfortable chairs! Enrique was the best in restaurant/pool area and went above and beyond

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Started out questionable but very beautiful and relaxing

djbell2018 (Esterhazy, Canada) on Feb 25, 2024

We were there for 2 weeks, things got better after a few days. The fact that there was no beach was very disappointing but I was my fault, we booked very quickly because it was a good deal and didn't pay enough attention, I read it after we booked it. We thought it would be acceptable but the walk to the public beach in the park adjacent was quite far. The website said free pass into the park to the public beach but we had to pay $3 every day that we went to the beach. Could not take water bottles. There should be a free shuttle to the beach. The internet was very poor in the rooms, we kept having to sign in a few times a day to make sure we were on wifi. Internet was off for one day, apparently the whole region was affected. The bikes to go to the beach or to Tulum were always gone quickly, you had to snag them early in the day. Tulum is about 5 kms away. Taxis cost $25 to $30 each way so needless to say we didn't go often. You can catch a collectivo bus for 30 pesos. To go on excursions you have to get into Tulum on your own to catch the bus for the excursion so the cost adds up. The food was not bad; we're not fussy eaters so that didn't affect us. The food in the buffet trays were always barely warm. The buffet wasn't huge but it is a small resort. There is supposed to be 2 ala cartes and a snack bar but there was only the buffet and if there was an ala carte they shut to buffet down to have the ala carte. No snack bar at all until the last day we were there. The first few days were off the menu and they were out of a lot of food, chicken, burgers. The grounds were beautiful, established trees (thick bushy trees some places) along almost every pathway. It has it's own cenote which was kind of neat. The pool was beautiful but not heated. The buildings you could see need some maintenance, the thatched roofs were looking their age. A couple of days after we got there a big crew of people were there cleaning the fallen leaves from under all the trees, painters painting posts, pots railings etc. so by the end of our stay it improved a lot. Our garden side room was very nice and huge, shower wasn't the greatest, the bar fridge was only stocked a couple of times while we were there. The workers were all friendly to us. Freddie from the bar was awesome. Enrique and Faustino were awesome servers. Faustino even brought something from town for me because we didn't want to go into town any more. Alberto, the activities guy was very good. He tried really hard to get volley ball, drinking games, and contests going. A very nice young man. if you want relaxation this was a good place to go. The place has a lot of potential but it wasn't at it's full potential while we were there. Probably wouldn't go back because of the beach issue but all in all we had a good time. It was a relaxation trip anyway. Better weather than at home!!

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