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elisestahly_7 on Apr 04, 2024

I have traveled to over 30 countries and I stayed in hundreds of hotels, I have never had a worse travel experience than at the Sands. I have never wrote a poor review in my life, but I felt like it was my duty to post on here to tell you, DO NOT GO!! There are SO many better alternative options on the island. Long story short, we booked one of the lowest level room because we figured we would be outside most of the day anyways. The photos online made the room look bright and spacious, have nice amenities, and it seemed perfect. We weren't expecting 5 star luxury, but we were expecting a room that looked like the photos on the website!!!! I put photos below so you can see a side by side of what was advertised vs what we got, as you can see, our room looked NOTHING like what was advertised. We brought the issue up politely to the hotel management, more out of confusion for why our room looked nothing like the photos, they dismissed us and basically said "too bad". We shared our concerns with the false advertisement and their excuse was the rooms were "renovated" and their website hadn't been updated yet. I didn't think you could renovate something to look worse, but okay! The management at this hotel is just straight up terrible, and majority of the staff is horribly rude too. They tried to undermine our concerns by saying the photos were taken on the third floor, not the first (where our room was), and thats why the view was different. You would think a room that feels like your in a dungeon would cost less and would be prefaced beforehand, but apparently not here!!! I seriously could go on and on with the complaints. The freaking bathroom didn't even have a hook to hang our towels or bathing suits, and the only mirror was the one over the sink in the bathroom. We had to ASK the for a hook and a mirror, and they came and installed a dinky hook and mirror probably just to save their butts. Oh and the door to the room opened OUTWARDS, talk about unsafe. Im trying to keep this as concise as possible, but seriously I have never hated a resort more in my life. They offered us a $75 voucher or to PAY for a room change after we threatened to post a review detailing our experiences, funny. Long story short, this place sucks. Do not come here it will ruin your trip.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Expensive but what a beach.

trikiviki (Stevenage, United Kingdom) on Apr 01, 2024

Over all we were very happy with the accommodation and gardens. Our suite was massive, really too big for our needs. We were a couple who ate out so the kitchen and earring area was really redundant as was the living area. If you are a family eating in, this suite has everything for you, cooker, fridge freezer, washer dryer and dishwasher. We were provided with coffee every day for the machine. The bedroom was smallish, didn’t have any bedside tables or lamps which was annoying as there was nowhere to put you books, and the light was bright once you were in bed. Over the bed was the smoke alarm that flicked red every few minutes, this was quite noticeable once the lights were off. You couldn’t see the tv well from the bed as it was on a stand too low. The were no dressing gowns provided which I missed. Next doors door closure was too tight and when their door closed it made quite a bang. Our patio doors whilst working were very old. Our room wasn’t serviced on our first day, we also got locked out for half an hour. We were comped a bottle of wine but didn’t drink it, perhaps a bar credit would have been more appropriate. I assume the wine went back. We happily used the hotel free bikes and found a supermarket called gourmet that was much more reasonable than the 2 shops we used. Apparently there isn’t a fixed price for goods in T&C, so you can be charged one price and the next day a dollar more for the same item. The. Hotel is very well placed and a 5-10 min walk to bars/shops. There is a great variation in price so be aware. We paid 10 dollars for a bottle of local beer and 6 dollars in another restaurant. The beach is out of this world. We took a boat trip, half day and it was 280 dollars. I did snorkel and see amazing fish. I felt Barbados was more affordable and fun, T&C is a bit posh.

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Anisah P (New York City, New York) on Mar 26, 2024

This hotel FALSE ADVERTISES their rooms!! My friends and I were super excited to visit and I have always had an amazing time visiting Turks (this was my sixth visit to the island). However this was our first time at The Sands and I will NEVER stay at this hotel again. Our room looked absolutely nothing like what was pictured online. The room was falsely advertised online to manipulate guests into purchasing a room that is not reflective of the room in reality. When approaching management about this issue they brushed off our concerns and told us that the room pictured online simply does not exist anymore as the rooms had undergone "renovations". Who renovates their hotel rooms to look worse than before? Regardless of renovations, the hotel has manipulated guests into buying a room under the false pretense that the room will look as pictured online. If this room does not exist anymore, do not display it online as the reference photos!!! This is the textbook definition of false advertisement. After fighting for three days with hotel management about either getting compensation or moved for the lack of transparency and receiving a room that looked nothing like what we had purchased, we were told that since we had booked our stay through Expedia we would only be able to receive any sort of refund by reaching out through them after our stay. In addition we were told that our total room incidentals would be covered as compensation for this manipulation. Only to discover that when it came time to check out, we were being lied to AGAIN, as now with a change of heart, the hotel decided to only credit us 75 DOLLARS total towards room incidentals. For reference, this did not even cover the bill of my group of 3 eating lunch at their restaurant just ONCE. A total of 75 dollars credit absolutely does not make up for paying 600 a night for a room that looks dingy, dated, and nothing like what is being advertised online. The manipulation never ends. After checking out, I filed a refund request with evidence of the false advertisement through Expedia, as management told us to do in order to receive compensation. Only for the hotel to then DENY any compensation. Quite convenient for them, since they told us to wait to file a claim after we checked out only so they can deny compensation once we have already left the property to return back home. An all around terrible experience with stubborn and deceptive management. I have never written a review before, but this experience has done it for me.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

False advertisement!!

Daniella S (World) on Mar 26, 2024

First time visiting Turks and Caicos but last time staying at The Sands at Grace Bay. Grace Bay Beach was beautiful and the housekeeping staff are amazing!! They work very hard, keeping everything clean and always with a smile! However, the room we received did not match the description/photos posted on their website. It was unfortunately false advertising. The room that we received had no view of palm trees and no lighting, even though the photo on their website depicted that. There was lack of basic room requirements and the photo was just completely different from what received. Truly felt like I was staying in a motel room/dungeon. We had to request basic room items. They added a hanging mirror on the door and attached a hook to hang our towels on the back of the bathroom door that was already suppose to be in there originally. My friends and I were super excited to vacation and stay at this resort but once we walked in the room we were immediately disappointed. We were not expecting this considering the amazing reviews online. We talked to management about this issue, trying to resolve it as quickly as possible so we could enjoy our stay and time, especially considering how much we payed. Though, management was not understanding at all and knew they were in the fault. They lacked communication and transparency and that’s something that should be key. Extremely disappointing situation. Please be aware of the room photos posted on their website!!

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50 th birthday celebration at the sands

veronicamJ111IM on Mar 24, 2024

My experience was amazing it was my 50 th birthday and the bellman oral was amazing and made sure we was in great hands the housekeeper miss Alecia was the best very warmth and Made us feel Like Home the hotel was very welcoming and they made sure was in Great hands ??????

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