Meet the 2023 WestJet Group Award Winners

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Last week, the WestJet Group celebrated 21 employees and their unwavering commitment to guests, each other, their community and safety above all.
Last week, the WestJet Group celebrated 21 employees and their unwavering commitment to guests, each other, their community and safety above all.

Between an unprecedented demand for air travel and a rapidly changing aviation landscape in Canada, the last year has been busy at the WestJet Group. With two months left in the calendar, the airline finalized the purchase of Sunwing, securing WestJet’s title as North America’s leading vacation provider, integrated Swoop airlines into WestJet and flew millions of guests to more than 100 destinations.

Each year, the WestJet Group diligently recognizes employees who go above and beyond through the annual celebration of the WestJet Group Awards. For the first time ever, the WestJet Group is pleased to celebrate 21 individuals from across Sunwing, Swoop, WestJet and WestJet Encore. These individuals embody commitment, leadership and excellence in their roles, and the organization is profoundly honoured to share their stories.

Safety Above All Award Winner, Calogero Calabrese

The Safety Above All Award recognizes employees that not only demonstrate a commitment to safety at work and at home but inspires everyone around them to do the same. It is awarded to individuals that proactively go out of their way to seek solutions and recognize opportunities to make everyone in WestJet’s world feel safe and welcome.

Safety Above All winner, Calogero Calabrese of WestJet Encore created a “safety rodeo” in Toronto, which brought together WestJet employees and airport partners to demonstrate the proper way to do pre-inspections and operate ramp equipment safely. The day was filled with fun activities and competition, encouraging people to strike the balance of acting both quickly and safely. 

Whether Calogero is conducting an audit, reporting unsafe working conditions or providing feedback to his team, he leads by example and has created a culture of safety where everyone feels empowered to make the right decisions.  

High Impact Leader Award Winner, Madison Benton

A WestJet Group High Impact Leader is someone who builds trust, is committed to the development of their team, exhibits adaptability, stands accountable, drives change and consistently challenges the status quo. 

Through her ability to listen and willingness to be vulnerable herself, High Impact Leader Award winner Madison Benton has created a team environment where everyone feels confident confiding in her with any issues they may have, knowing she will see all sides of a situation and find the best possible outcome.  

With her creative thinking, she finds unique solutions to the complex problems her Toronto baggage team faces and communicates to them in a clear and concise manner. You can often find her working alongside her team, learning from them just as much as they learn from her. 

 Always one to take accountability, she owns up to her mistakes and remains open to feedback to help herself improve both personally and professionally as a leader.  

Spirit of Community Award Winner, Laura Corbett

This award is given to one individual each year who has made a meaningful impact on the lives of others and the communities they live and work in. Awards winners excel at inspiring others to get involved and make a difference for any cause or non-profit that supports their community. 

An active member of the Community of Investment Committee based in Calgary; award winner Laura Corbett joined WestJet in 2015. From the moment she walked in the door, she was fully invested in the WestJet experience, taking the time to get to know both the organization and people on a deep level to fully understand the magnitude of the work.

She inspires those around her to get involved through sharing her experiences and the impact they have had not only on the organizations, but on herself as a person. She is especially passionate about LiveDifferent and has spread the word to other team members who are now eager to get involved. 

President’s Award Winners

The President’s Award recognizes individuals that go above and beyond in all that they do. This year, the Westjet Group is pleased to celebrate 18 employees across the business that continuously provide exceptional guest experience and are determined to succeed. 

The 2023 President’s Awards winners come from across the country and support a variety of citical functions of the airline including tech operations, in-flight, customer service, finance and baggage. 

The WestJet Group is looking towards a brighter future thanks to all the WestJetters and Sunwing employees that make the business thrive. If you are interested in being part of our next chapter of growth and operational excellence, visit our career opportunities page:

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