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What to know before you book.

Looking for Flexibility?  Choose one of our flex fares; EconoFlex, PremiumFlex, BusinessFlex, to change or cancel your flight for no fee, just the difference in fare price will apply.

Looking for an enhanced experience? Choose one of our Business or Premium fares and receive benefits such inflight meals and beverages, priority services and more.

Looking for the lowest price fare? Choose our Econo or UltraBasic fares for our lowest price, no frills fare.    

WestJet Rewards members can sign in to compare available Member Exclusive savings with Economy, Premium and Business fares. Find savings on more seats and on more flights when you book your next flight and apply full payment of the base fare in WestJet dollars. 

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✔ Included 
$ Available for a fee
UltraBasic Econo Econo Flex Premium Premium Flex Business Business Flex
Personal item
Carry-on bag1, 11, 13
Carry-on bag
(Flights to and from Europe or Asia)1, 11
Checked bags1 $$ $ 1 2 2 2 2
Changes2 Not allowed $$$ $$ $
Cancellations2 Not allowed $$$ $$ $
Seat selection7 $$ $
WestJet Rewards earn8
Inflight food and beverages (including wine, beer and spirits)4 $$$ $$$ $$$
Priority screening3
Priority boarding
Priority baggage3
Lounge access6


UltraBasic is our lowest price, no-frills fare option with the same great WestJet service and Economy inflight experience you are used to.  While we allow each UltraBasic guest to bring one (1) personal item, there are some restrictions like no changes, no carry-on bags and pre-assigned seats at the back of the aircraft that may not be together.2,7,8,13

You'll have the option to add certain extras that you need, like reserving a seat in advance or adding checked bags. Familiarize yourself with the limitations of UltraBasic to make sure it's the right fare for you.

To take advantage of your WestJet Rewards earn and tier benefits with more choice and flexibility, book Econo or EconoFlex. 

Elevate your UltraBasic fare with Extended Comfort.

When you choose UltraBasic, you will NOT be eligible for:

  UltraBasic fare
A carry-on bag for flights in North America and Central America unless Extended Comfort has been purchased for all flights in a single direction, including connections13
Changes, cancellations or refunds unless made within 24 hours of booking
Seat changes or seat selection, at the time of booking or at check-in, without an additional fee
WestJet Rewards earn or qualifying spend
Platinum and Gold benefits: same-day flight changes, free seat changes or selection at check-in, complimentary upgrades
Silver benefits: free seat changes or selection at check-in, complimentary upgrades 

Econo and EconoFlex

Settle into your flight in our Economy cabin with a complimentary beverage and snack and onboard entertainment with WestJet Connect.10 With EconoFlex, if you’re travelling for business or leisure you will get the flexibility you want with change or cancellation fees included for flights. 

Elevate your Economy experience with Extended Comfort.

Discover the Economy experience

Family sharing a meal on an airplane

Premium and PremiumFlex

Because life at 39,000 ft. should be uplifting. 

When you book our Premium or PremiumFlex fare you will experience benefits such as extra leg and elbow room, 2x2 seating configurations, two checked bags, inflight food and beverages and more. 4,12 

Discover the Premium experience

Business and BusinessFlex

Arrive revived.

Our Business cabin provides a personalized, luxurious travel experience that goes above and beyond. With private pods, lie-flat seats, restaurant-style dining, lounge access and more, you will arrive relaxed and ready for the rest of your journey.4,5

Discover the Business experience

Business Guest eating food on a plane