Holiday Heroes

Over the holidays, WestJetters work hard to connect you with your loved ones. And so do thousands of others who dedicate their holiday time to get you where you need to go. So, this year, we want to celebrate these holiday heroes by reconnecting them with their families.

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Ionia the Holiday Hero

Celebrating Holiday Heroes

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Meet Ionia

We invited Canadians to nominate their holiday hero, someone who works away from their loved ones over the holidays. From the submissions, we found Ionia. Ionia works as a nurse at a retirement community and was nominated by the family of one of the residents she cares for. Ionia is recognized by the residents and her peers for the sincere kindness, empathy and dignity she treats everyone in her care with.

While the nomination period has now closed, if you have a story to share with us about a holiday hero, we’d love to hear it.

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Meet our holiday heroes:

Ashley Springer

Bus Operator Coast Mountain Bus Company - TransLink

Meet Ashley, a bus driver with a heart of gold. One of the most rewarding aspects of his job is uniting travellers with their loved ones, a task he undertakes with unwavering enthusiasm. Despite often working during the holidays, Ashley prioritizes the value of family. Which made reconnecting him with his sister Nikki and nephew Elijah from New York even more meaningful. 

Killian Kampes

Valet Attendant, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Killian is a warm-hearted valet from Dundalk, a town nestled between Dublin and Belfast. He finds joy in being one of the first faces that greet travellers when they’re staying in a new city. His genuine enthusiasm is felt in every interaction. For his Christmas Miracle, we reunited him with his mom and dad, who made the long journey from Ireland. The result was a touching reunion for a family that clearly love each other's company.

Husan Gill

Ramp Agent, AGI - Vancouver International Airport

Husan is a dedicated member of the AGI family who manages the delicate dance of getting luggage from planes to terminals. We were thrilled to connect Husan with her dear friend, Aman. Their bond goes beyond the ordinary as they've been inseparable since growing up in the same village and riding the bus to school together as children. The result? A reunion charged with emotion and the joy of seeing a cherished friend again.

Showing our appreciation

The travel industry is full of Holiday Heroes. Here’s just a sampling of stories provided by our very own WestJetters.

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See the destinations our holiday heroes' loved ones travelled from.


Discover the rolling hills of the Emerald Isle.


Take the biggest bite out of the Big Apple.


Experience beautiful British Columbia.

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