Multiple formats policy

The WestJet Multiple Formats Policy was created to meet the needs of our guests with disabilities, by providing alternative formats that complement or replace conventional print and video products used to describe the services provided by WestJet, wherever it is practical to do so. We will update this policy as new technology, products and services are introduced.

Information we provide

WestJet provides guests with disabilities information and documentation in multiple formats regarding the services WestJet provides. All information is offered free of charge, and can be provided in more than one format, if requested, and multiple copies may be requested of any available format. If we are not able to provide the information or documentation you request, we may offer alternate formats, when available and appropriate to do so. However, some information may not be immediately available.

Guests with special needs

TTY for hearing impaired

  • Toll-free: 1-877-952-0100

Guests with disabilities experiencing difficulties accessing

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