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  • Service 4.5
  • Value 4.5

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Beckyboo41 (London, United Kingdom) on Jun 15, 2024

stayed at this hotel it was clean staff were nice and inviting, had loads of wedding guest that was staying at near by hotels also two hundred of us all together, we all had a blast and enjoyed our time.. I came back in January with by friend just to have a meal and a few drinks and stay on the beach which wasn't a problem, came back in August to have a meal and drink and use the beach a few other of my family were making there way down to have join us as we previously stayed here and liked it, I arrived first with my LOCAL Jamaican partner and was refused by they guards at the front stating you aint coming in unless you pay, I stated to them I've eaten here a few times before and used there services and never had to pay a day fee... The reason I think they wanted us to pay was because of my LOCAL JAMICAN partner as they don't want locals on there premises... well I have you know that LOCAL JAMAICAN does have a job and is qualified chef actually. I asked them has the rules changed since January they just kept on saying you need to pay, so with that I called up the rest of the 15 people and told to head elsewhere, they was also disappointed with the two guards behaviour towards him relatively. And with that we left stereo typing your own people is DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR, those two guards have made this Hotel miss out on some good money that day and I know potential bookings in the further for sure.

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The problems outweigh the nice things about this place

scubadrive (Canada) on Jun 11, 2024

The good: The beach was nice and clean, beach toys and paddle boards were available to guests for free, the pool was clean, most of the staff were friendly, there were decent restaurants in the vicinity, the location is fairly close to grocery stores, the rooms were clean, and the resort was quiet for the most part. The bad: No hot water, so you better like cold showers. We had zero hot water in our room during our stay. As others have mentioned, the food at the restaurant is abysmal and overpriced, but that's not a big deal since there are plenty of better options around. Shady characters on the beach, especially from the nearby Sandy Haven resort but security mostly keeps them in check. The ugly: When we arrived as a family we were told our kid didn't have his own bed even though we paid for three people. In order to not ruin our vacation we just decided we'd all sleep in the same bed and not make a big fuss about it. Additionally, even though we paid for three people we were also told he wasn't entitled to the infamous "continental breakfast", which we also let slide because the breakfast was awful anyway. Then on our last day we had two major (and in my opinion unforgivable) incidents: 1. The bartender tried to scam us and overcharged us for two rum and cokes. It was happy hour and the drinks should've been $8, but we got charged $25. Thankfully we checked the price, didn't take the drinks and refused to pay the bill. We raised this issue with the people at the reception who didn't seem too bothered about it. 2. When we checked out we were told we still owed them $20. We had made the mistake to open a tab and prepay $200, as we were told they would not go over that limit. Additionally the same morning we had to pay $3 out of pocket because they told us that the remaining balance wouldn't cover what we ordered, but then all of a sudden the balance was -$20 at the end of the day, most likely because of the bartender who tried to scam us. We paid the money since we didn't want to waste our last evening there and they were becoming quite belligerent. These very scummy practices will guarantee that we will never step foot at Coco La Palm ever again.

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Heaven on earth

Susan R on Jun 04, 2024

Been here 3 times and plan to go back in November. People are super friendly. Restaurant is awesome and will accommodate your wishes. Highly recommend. Ocean is nice and calm and so close to many activities. If you have never been there, I highly recommend. Beautiful peaceful beach.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Negril vacation

Claudio J on May 22, 2024

Good value for money. The location on the beach is great. The restaurant on site has a large variety of authentic Jamaican food. Staff is helpful and friendly. We had the room with 2 beds and there was enough space for 4 persons. Housekeeping was amazing.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


Elaynehr (Colorado Springs, Colorado) on Apr 20, 2024

Coco has THE BEST BEACH. Wide with lots of almond trees with shade. Mellow atmosphere. It is NOT a five star, but it is very nice and perfect for beach lovers. So if you want top notch wifi, top brand shampoo in room, etc., then go to the all-incusives up the road. But if you want easy access to other authentic Jamaican food, including Best of the West across the street, then this is the place. Coco has their own restaurant which has good food and weekly parties, but it's easy to walk elsewhere for a change. The rooms are clean, air conditioned, and comfortable, The grounds are fabulous, encircling a pool and a hot tub. Has security 24/7, lifeguards, etc.

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