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Please contact me for the General Manager Position... ??

Swanstonenterprises (Tampa, Florida) on May 13, 2024

Imagine deciding on a spontaneous weekend getaway to Margaritaville Resort in Orlando, only to find yourself starring in an episode of "Survivor: Hotel Edition." As co-owners of large businesses in the entertainment and hospitality industry, my business partner and I have a certain expectation of service, one that Margaritaville spectacularly failed to meet. Our adventure began when my business partner arrived at the resort. Anticipating a quick freshen-up and a dive into leisure, he instead walked into a sauna masquerading as a hotel room. The air conditioning was a no-show, much like the management would later prove to be. After two sweltering hours and a series of false assurances, the verdict was dropped: the air conditioning was beyond resurrection. But the plot thickens. An hour of lobby loitering later, swimsuit-clad and suitcase-burdened, an "upgrade" to a cottage was dangled before us like a mirage. This mirage, however, led us not to an oasis but to the wrong cottage, and finally, to a critter-infested cabin in the furthest reaches of the resort. Yes, cockroaches included. You'd think that was the worst of it, but no. The next morning—Mother's Day, no less—promised redemption with a poolside cabana rental. But alas, placed between two symphonies of sobbing infants, our relaxation was short-lived. Overcast skies left multiple cabanas vacant, yet requests to switch were denied with a flippant "no." (The child that was snarky and talking to us like we were idiots was 5'4" with frosted tips and thought this was hilarious... Remember this for later). Attempts to salvage the day by retreating were met with "no refunds" and the revelation that no manager was available because, surprise, it's Mother's Day. Frustrated, we approached the front desk, where a lack of management was confirmed, only for a supervisor to magically appear after further pressing—The young man from the pool area (Frosty tip!) with the authority of a hall monitor and the customer service skills to match. As if this weren't enough, the weekend was peppered with rude taxi drivers and a loose dog ensemble, adding a touch of chaos to our already tumultuous stay. By the end, not only was no compensation offered, but the sheer lack of empathy and professionalism also left us resolving to handle our grievances through our banks. In conclusion, my request is simple: I would like to apply for the GENERAL MANAGER position at Margaritaville. It's evident there's no SOP for customer service, so really, how hard could it be? Thank you for a Mother's Day filled with more plot twists than a telenovela, and for an experience that was anything but relaxing.

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Great massage therapist at the Spa

Gisselle G on May 11, 2024

I visited the Spa during my stay at Margaritaville Resort Orlando and I have to say Maria was the best massage therapist I’ve had in a long time. The massage itself was tailored to my specific needs, and I could feel the tension melting away with each expertly executed technique. Maria showed great professionalism and attentiveness throughout the session, ensuring that I was comfortable and at ease. Great staff, great service. Highly recommended.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Winter trip

JoDee D (Bowling Green, Ohio) on May 10, 2024

Margaritaville resorts never disappoint! The island vibe is fabulous. Rooms are spacious and very clean. Balcony was a great feature and views from the hotel were phenomenal. Pool areas are terrific. The hotel was mostly empty and we had our choice of lounge chairs at the beach pool. This hotel is within walking distance to restaurants and shops and Sunset Walk. Sunset Walk was a fun place to eat dinner, walk around and people watch. There was live music and we even got to see the Radio Margaritaville recording studio.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

This place is highly recommended

kathy v on May 06, 2024

Laura (server) Danny (bartender) they are amazing! It was our first time at the resort but both of you guys took care of my kids and did this experience unforgettable! Thank you guys! Definitely highly recommender. We definitely are going to come back soon!!

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Refused to remove false charges to my credit card

BenMyers (Indianapolis, Indiana) on May 03, 2024

I highly recommend not staying at this resort. I stayed here for a work conference trip on the location in February of 2024. I noticed at the end of March that on my work expense report the following month that I still had a $250.00 hold on my work credit card. I called the resort who couldn't find my stay because they had misspelled my name. Eventually, they did located it and proceeded to tell me that the $250 was not the security hold, but a fine for smoking in my room. As I am not a smoker and no one else was in my room but myself and their employees I told them this was an error. The manager agreed to take off the charge and I left the call feeling satisfied. As I was doing my April expense report I noticed the charge was still there. I called again and eventually spoke with the front desk manager. She said again that the charge was for smoking and informed me that they have air quality monitors in all of the rooms and the one in mine indicated that air quality changed for a specific time period. I again informed her that I do not smoke and was staying there with a health and wellbeing conference where none of us smoked. Their stance was that the monitors are unable to make mistakes and they somehow do not even have the ability to refund charges they make to credit cards. Also, that I as the customer have no avenue to even dispute the charges and my only option was to have my credit card company dispute the charge as fraud and pursue them with legal means to get their money back. As an employee of a medical health company I was not going to call HR and have them contact our Amex account to dispute smoking charges so was left with no option but to pay for this charge out of my own pocket. If you are considering staying at this resort or hosting a conference, meeting, wedding, etc. know that you or your guests may be hit with false charges by the hotel where they will have no course of action to dispute or recoup the charges aside from convincing their credit card company to sue a huge corporation. Definitely not my idea of a paradise vacation destination...

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