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Underwhelming and Perpetually Expensive

S9982AKkenm on Jun 13, 2024

We took our special needs 7-year old daughter to Nickelodeon Punta Cana for a week in March 2024. Pros: The rooms are immaculate, and the views of the resort are excellent. We got a room with a personal swimming pool, which was on the 2nd floor corner I believe. The beaches are extremely nice, and they were not crowded during that time of year -- the same can be said for most of the pools. *Cons: There is a major push to sell you timeshare in the Karisma resorts as soon as you check in. There is alot of nonsense about a personal concierge (ours was named Jean) who will help you get appointments at various activities and eateries around the resort. EXCEPT -- once you tell them you are not interested in the timeshare, you will NOT hear from the concierge anymore. We had a bit of an emergency because there is no convenience store of any kind on the resort (just a tiny gift shop with a few snacks), and our daughter needed dried foods and milk for the room -- however we could not reach this personal concierge to get details about nearby supermarkets. As a result we asked a woman at the front desk and she hailed us a cab. He has still not replied to this day, in fact :) Next, the water in the shower is ice cold -- if you tinker with it and run all of the hot water in all of the sinks in the room, then SOMETIMES it will eventually get lukewarm, however don't count on it. The water in the pools is also cold, but I suspect that during the warmest months it is quite comfortable. Next, the water park -- there are very few places to lounge with your family, and the staff was not nearly helpful enough in helping us find spots. I say this to say be prepared to have to leave your belongings in the locker while you and your family are enjoying the water fun -- NOTE: The Slime option is one of the many "money grabs" they come at you with while you are there. All in all, your kids will have a much better time at the Hard Rock Resort, which has much more amenities and activites -- at a much cheaper price, but without the Nickelodeon characters who nobody's kids recognize anyway .

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Don't Waste Your Money on Outdated Resort

Lexi2175 on Jun 12, 2024

I wanted until I was back in the states to write this review. This resort is a joke, for the money you pay it is grossly out dated. The day before we left we did not have water for the entire day which was unsanitary. I mean how was the staff even serving food, washing hands using the rest room etc? When I called the fron desk I was informed there was no ETA, this started at 8am CST and was ALL day! There are kids here, that can't hold it in when they have to use the restroom.There was no sense of urgency to get this fixed? I travel 3-4 times a year at luxury resorts and this my friend is far from luxury. It's 2 star at best! Then they want you to buy a timeshare...I think not, not to this hell hole! The only good thing from this experience is the coffee shop and the golf cart drivers were top tier. Nickelodeon/Karisma get it together! I personally will not be back to ANY of the locations as this one was a hot mess! Thank God the character breakfast was free for attending the timeshare or I would hav been ticked off due to the lack of energy with the entertainment. The Character costumes were worn and dirty, I mean for the price make some sort of effort. I asked for some compensation for the day we had no water and was met with "we don't handle that at the hotel" The booking agency does and when I informed them I booked directly with thier website I was met with I will have to call Customer Service, when he told me he WAS Customer service...SMH. Spend your money at a better places they have a LONG way to go before this is luxury. Update: Upon checked out I was informed I was NOT given the total amount of the Character breakfast( which I was lied to and advised would be free to attend the timeshare presentation) So, watch out for that as it was not worth the money AT all so please only do this if you have small kids and they don't know any better. I attended a presentation for this breakfast and would not have if I knew I would have to pay. This place is a joke! I wasted 2 hours of my time that I can't get back. I'm not sure why they have Customer service at the from desk when they can't do anything to help you, no credit nothing to compensate the guest for the issues with this hotel.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

beyond disappointed

ericacnj (New Jersey) on Jun 02, 2024

We slept in our bathrobes for two days since no one would bring us a quilt after two calls over the course of two days. Walked to check in at 5am and finally got someone to give us a quilt. Also, no hot water in the shower unless maintenance comes turn it on for us each time. We were really hoping for a better experience here. And even though I spoke with a manager at 5AM in the morning regarding no hot water in our shower, I had to call again at 1:45PM in the afternoon for them to send maintenance because they did not to bother to come fix it. We are beyond disappointed

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john s on May 31, 2024

Accommodations were fantastic and everyone was so helpful.The butler Jose couldnt have been a nicer person and made our days and appointments so much easier to navigate and enjoy.The pools made our day and while its a busy place we werent on top of each other.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Don't waste your money

Courtney L (Saint Louis, Missouri) on May 30, 2024

Don't waste your time of money on this resort. It is HIGHLY over priced relative to other places we've stayed when it comes to the amenities and service. 1) It is NOT a nice, higher end hotel. We did not have hot or even warm water for 6 of the seven days we were there. It was unbelievable. We couldn't bathe our children - we had to give them freezing showers while they screamed in agony. Every day they told us it would be fixed that evening. Come to find out it was a huge issue that was going to take days to fix. Had they not lied to begin with, we would have left. It took forever to finally get someone to speak to us after wasting half a day in the office. They PROMISED to make it right - then we never heard from anyone. It was awful, the people at the front desk were laughing at us when we were begging for a solution for the water. 2) The hotel is OLD and under construction. The amenities and rooms are crappy and the facilities are horrible. There would literally be poop piled up in all of the toilets by the pool so we'd have to bring all 3 kids all the way back to our room to go to the bathroom. It was absolutely disgusting. 3) The service and restaurants aren't great. They tell you "you don't need reservations". What this means is you have to line up outside the restaurants before they open or you won't get in for hours. If you do get in, you'll sit and wait forever for service and food. It was stressful and not at all relaxing and enjoyable like it should be. The hole resort should make it easier for families, but they clearly haven't thought about that. They make you run all over to see the characters during the day, instead of just brining them to the pool/water park where the kids are. It was such a disappointment - we'll never ever go to one of these properties again. We couldn't get any response from anyone, so my husband reaching out to the CEO. The gave us a free night - what a JOKE.

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