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Very good experience

karlaL9345W (Mexico City, Mexico) on Sep 29, 2023

Everything is amazing! Our experience was fantastic, we love Nick and the cartoons details in our room were fantastic. The food was a great experience. I don't have kids but this hotel is a good option for adults too.

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From bad to worse! Its a tourist scam!

rauljuarez81 (Cordoba, Argentina) on Sep 29, 2023

From bad to worse! It's a tourist scam! This was a terrible and super-expensive experience. The hotel was awful, and everything was closed, and under maintenance. Since this is a Nickelodeon place, you expect to see the characters. Well, let me tell you you have to pay for everything extra. Breakfast with the characters: 50 Dollars. Photos with the characters: Extra A place with some cover and shadow from the sun: 135 Dollars 35 seconds of VR at the restaurant: 5 dollars And so on! The gift shop is even more expensive than Disney World ones! Its madness! The golf cars to move from the "water park" to the hotel are usually reserved for VIPs, and if you are not a VIP, believe you don't exist! like the chairs and places to sit under something to protect yourself from the sun. The bracelet bands for the doors and towels, they just want you to lose them! so they can charge you, and they keep repeating in the check-in process that those things are super expensive like you are dumb! Everything has strict hours, so you need to be super aware of that, also the restaurants and buffets have different schedules, so you need to be careful about that, so not all the places are open every day, so download the app. For example: The Spacewalk resto is the one that they promote as the best, it's just a regular place, themed as a spacecraft. The staff don't even turn around to answer if you have a question. Or like one night I as for water since you cannot even wash your teeth with tap water, and the answer was "a pleasure" like they said 99% of the time, and nothing happened. The kids club, was with a strict schedule, for those under 2 years old, just 2 hours, but the ball pit was closed due to maintenance, the toys were broken, the consoles off, the joysticks without batteries, and the teachers far from rude, like "let's play a game now! since in 5 a gotta eat my lunch" right in front of all the parents. The beach is awful, like a war zone. Seaweed, and trash, and also right next to the hotel property you have a dumpster, a nice view. This a hotel that is also designed for VIPs, they are always trying to sell the prestige membership, since everywhere you go, you see the sign "reserved for..." No one has real info about anything, if you ask the same question you probably have several different answers from all the members of the staff. Without mentioning at the moment of the checkout, they forgot to pick up our bags, and I had to walk to the lobby (pretty far, under the sun, with 3 suitcases and my wife in the baby stroller.) and we almost missed your flight. Please, don't fall for this scam! Nickelodeon should review this partnership.

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Extra special because of our butter

michaelhS9475XK (West New York) on Sep 23, 2023

Enjoyed our stay with our private pool and butler Henry. He made sure to go above and beyond at every step. Whether we needed reservations for dinner, or a spot at the waterpark we were always taken care of. The kids loved the trip, and theming wasn’t shoved down your throats.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


Ana G on Sep 04, 2023

It was just amazing... speechless, the trip was because of my son birthday, he loved the room, the birthday banner in the room and balloons arrangement waiting for him. The restaurants are great, food and staff and the nick place is fabulous for kids. The nightlife is very nice planned for adults and kids, overall unforgettable experience

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Nickelodeon Resort Is A Disappointment

Mich F on Sep 02, 2023

My family and I recently traveled to the Nickelodeon Resort In the Dominican Republic from Monday August 28th, 2023 - Saturday September 2nd, 2023. The entire trip from start to finish was basically a problem. Everything that was promised was a letdown. We arrived at 8:15pm on Monday Night at the resort. No one greeted us when we arrived at the resort. Approached the front desk and the women said I am going home. Sign this paper and see the concierge. Never did receive a welcome gift the entire time we were at the resort and did not receive the slime drinks upon arrival for our kids. We went to concierge where they told us only one restaurant needs a reservation + special reservations which we also did book. Concierge said please go to the front and the bellman will take you to the room. 10 minutes waiting no bellman came so we attempted to walk to our room when a bellman almost hit us with his golf cart. He immediately took our bags and drove away. 5 minutes later he yelled to follow him to the room. We get in our room and it was the wrong style room and several of of the lights in the room did not work. We were hungry so decided to try the Asian Restaurant the concierge suggested. It’s now 8:45pm. We go to the restaurant and ask to be seated and hostess says that 20 groups are ahead of us and no more seating for the night. Come to find out the restaurant had 20 people in it and they close at 9pm. Everything food related is closed at 9pm sharp. They say 10 online and all marketing materials but not happening. We then attempted to go to the Buffett but they said Buffett being taken down at 9:20 and not good food quality. We decided to go room service. When we went on the tv to order the food the tv did not work. Ended up calling for room service and the women offered us 4 options only. Ordered chicken nuggets, quesadilla, Philly steak and 2 bottles of water. First time they came 2 chicken and quesadilla came, they forgot Philly steak then they came again with that. We never got the bottles of water. Day 2. Went for breakfast at the sugarcane at 8:45am. Big Buffett which was terrible. No air conditioning at the breakfast location and we came to find out the food is used over and over on the Buffett. Went back to front desk to complain and all they tell you that no management available. We got stuck with the concierge again. A concierge by the name of Anthonyy supposedly was helping us with our problems but ended up only wanting to have us buy a timeshare. Why would I want a timeshare for only 50 years total and a timeshare at place that has poor customer service, food and drinks ?Just in 24hrs we found out you must have reservations at the restaurants at the resort or you are not getting in or you have to go at 4:30pm. How is this fair when everything is publicized as no reservations and serving until 10pm ? Restaurants are staggered as well. Some are open some days and others are open some days. We went to the water park to start the trip and my wife and I got kicked off all the slides etc. no adults allowed. This is supposed to be a family resort. My 7yrs old could t even go on all the slides because he was to old. The kids water park to the ocean is a super long walk. Unfortunately, the golf carts to pick you up on never come. In our time at the resort we never got a golf cart to pick us up. As for the drinks at the resort. All were terrible. Pina Colada’s have a super bad after taste. The alcohol and fruit drinks are intentionally watered down. The frozen drinks are just pre made poor quality. Everything has an aftertaste when it comes to drinks. They say top shelf alcohol. Not true. Food quality is almost not eatable at majority of the resort. The only good places to eat are Fresco’s for seafood for lunch Verdella Italian Spacewalk astronaut Other than these three spots the food was almost uneatable. The swim up pools at your room were a lie as well. You get kicked out of the pools after 7pm. The Mini bars were supposed to have been refilled daily never was refilled. A few of the perks at the resorts is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dinner. Food quality was bad but a great experience with the characters. Character Breakfast with Paw Patrol, Dora and friends. Slime with the family. These three special opportunities for an extra fee was a good experience. Majority of the staff at the resort are miserable. Not happy at all. The main pool and the beachfront is super nice. The staff is great and are happy people. From the Bartenders, Waitresses, lifeguards, activities etc. The resort has a Bounce house that opens around 6:30pm and closes at 9pm sharp daily. Majority of the staff thought 11pm they close. My 7year was in the bounce house and got kicked out because he was 7. We report to the front desk and the excuse is we don’t own the equipment. It’s a 3rd party vendor. How are they a 3rd party at a resort ? We still don’t understand why they do not have any activities for adults in the evenings after 9pm. The beach and pool games run by Sunny in activities were great. Sunny was the best person hands down at the resort. He was amazing with the kids and did a great job. The boys played games each and everyday at the pool beachfront. Seeing the characters around the resort is a major bonus. Overall save your money and don’t go to this resort nor Mexico’s. Met several people who have been to both and both have had major issues. We have been told all the Karisma Resorts that are all inclusive has very poor customer service, bad quality of food and drinks.

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