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Most beautiful beach!

Tami E on Apr 13, 2024

The resort is located on the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. It's close enough to the tour excursion operators that we were able to do hotel lobby pick up no problem. We spent most of our time in the "secret" adults only pool. The service there was great! If you want to get a lounger on the beach, be sure to get up early. Or if you go in the afternoon, there were empty loungers. The room was nice and clean. The shower/tub combo was not easy to get into and may be a challenge for people with reduced mobility. Next time they renovate, I suggest just a stand-up shower. Who needs to soak in a tub when you can play in the ocean waves and float in the pool with a cocktail! Just a simple shower is all that is needed. We had a small issue with the toilet but maintenance showed up promptly to fix it. We really liked having the other Palladium resorts close. It makes for a large area, but getting around was easy with the carts/tram or just walking. There was always lots to do and places to hang out. The live evening entertainment in the lobbies was fun. We had cocktails and danced. The night continued as we went to the Hemingway for more dancing. Definitely make restaurant reservations as soon as you arrive. Don't worry too much if you end up with 9:00 dinner reservations. It's more time for evening walks on the beach. We just had a small snack at the buffet and spent time having pre-dinner cocktails in the lobby. I recommend this resort and would return again.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Great stay at the Palace

SnorkelboyChicago (Chicago) on Apr 12, 2024

Beautiful property, rooms, grounds, facilities are all top notch. Lots of activities to do. Beach was great, warm water, soft sand – we only had a little of the seaweed - 1 or 2 days (depending on season, it sounds like it can get pretty overwhelming). Breakfast and lunch buffets are pretty good, nice selection and freshness. A La Carte restaurants – our only disappointment, my wife and I would rate them 3/5 stars. Food quality just wasn’t that good (most guests appeared to be from Europe and Canada, we are U.S. – maybe 10%, so maybe their tastes are different – but I doubt it). Spa was good, but expensive. Two overall suggestions - replenish the snacks in the room more than 1x/week and put some coffee pots in the lobby (I don’t like waiting in the fancy coffee line for :30 for a simple cup of coffee – and no, I don’t use room coffee machines). Lastly, the staff – were all great, all friendly and they work hard.

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A lot of improvement needed.

X5005TEchristopheg on Apr 09, 2024

While our overall experience at your hotel has been satisfactory, I regret to inform you that we encountered several issues during our stay which have left us feeling quite dissatisfied as those were issues easy to solve. I believe it is important to bring these matters to your attention for the sake of improving future guest experiences. Upon our arrival, we discovered that the accommodations we had reserved were not as initially requested. Specifically, we had requested a loft suite with a king-size bed, but the bed provided in the loft suite did not meet this specification. Additionally, the second room we were assigned differed from the loft suite we had booked. Although this issue was eventually resolved after requesting the correct room type, it was nonetheless an inconvenience. As we asked for a matress for the sofa bed as the sofa was not really comfortable, the staff insisted that the hotel had no spare matresses. We could hardly believe it but we accepted these statements. 2 days later we saw a little pickup Van with 7 new matresses outside just in front of our room. Furthermore, we experienced a significant problem during our dining experience at the Buffet from Hotel Grand Palladium Palace the 7th of April at 19h40. A staff member,m, provided us with false information regarding table availability, falsely hun claiming that the table was occupied by individuals already present at the buffet. Upon further investigation, it became evident that the table was being reserved for guests who had not yet arrived. Despite bringing this issue to the attention of that staff member and his colleagues, no apology was offered by himself, which was disappointing and unacceptable. I have to mention that 2 colleagues (Buffet responsable in blue shirts) apologized for the bad attitude. To mention in the Buffet is also the food that should be warm is almost cold and the salads that should be cold are not really cold. There is a lack of sympathy of the 2 ladys at the pancake machine. We asked if they had nutella and they answered not with words but only shaking the head saying NO. We asked a friendly guy that was going and replacing the food at the buffet and he replied of course and organized the Nutella in 2 minutes. This happen 2 times shaking the head saying no nutella. Again lying straight into our face. In general all all of them are not really friendly apart of 2 or 3 we met during the week in the buffet. The most friendly staff member here was the guy making the omeletes the 5th 6th and 7th of April in the buffet during breakfast. Also here plenty of times they run out of plates,forks,knifes and we had to wait to get sometimes for 10minutes To mention that Jenya from Customer service is very professional and helpfull and very kind. At the pool lunch buffet one of these days there was a lady around asking people to write a review about the stay. If there would be happy people they would allow them to write. When they asked us and we told her it was not really what we were expecting the staff member said ok and left and we could not do a review. Clearly she was on the hunt only for good reviews. Additionally, I must address the state of the towels provided in our room. While we appreciate the effort made by housekeeping to replenish our towels, the quality of the towels provided was subpar. I have taken photographs of the towels in question and am willing to share them with you to illustrate the extent of the issue. Another issue is with the loungers at the pool. It is clearly written it is prohibited to reserve them. It is clear that half of them are reserved and no one showing up the whole morning or afternoon to sit in those loungers. Sometimes even the whole day no one is showing up. It should be the staff responsability checking these kind of people attitude by removing the towels if there would be no one showing up after 1hour. We chose to book our stay at this hotel primarily because of the pool facilities available for our son. However, upon our arrival, we were disappointed to discover that the pool for the kids was closed for maintenance for the entire week. This closure significantly impacted our planned activities and leisure time during our stay. Additionally, we were not informed about this maintenance closure beforehand. We hope that in the future, better communication and planning can be implemented to avoid such inconveniences for guests. I would also like to mention that during one of the days the whole afternoon the pool for adults was closed because they were treating the water with products. Why are they not doing this kind of operation after 19h when people are not willing to use the pool anymore? We asked aswell the possibility for a late check-out and it is something impossible for them to let us know before the morning if our departure. We asked how much do we have to pay to check-out at 16h instead of 12h but no answer can be given before the the 10th. Overall, while we have enjoyed certain aspects of our stay at Hotel Grand Palladium Palace specially the resort location and beach at the hotel, these incidents have tarnished our experience. As a valued guest, I urge you to address these concerns promptly to ensure that future guests do not encounter similar issues. I would appreciate your prompt attention to these matters and would welcome the opportunity to discuss them further if necessary. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely,

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Need more food choices

Latresa H on Apr 06, 2024

The resort is very beautiful, however the language barrier needs improvement.. if you want to eat at restaurants you need to make reservations, our group made reservations at the Mexican restaurant and the experience was horrible. most of us ordered enchiladas and fajitas but that’s not what we got, the enchiladas looked like Tostitos and the fajitas came out cold with shredded chicken and no veggies.. we were told to go the taco bar and get what you wanted for the fajitas.. if you don’t make reservations for restaurants you only have the buffets, the breakfast buffet are decent, but lunch and dinner ones are usually the same, nothing good.. some ppl in our group were able to order room service and said it was much better m, but others who tried to order before 10:00 pm which is when they say you are charged.. was not able to order without being charged $17.00.. even though it was all inclusive.. other than the food being under par the hotel is a great place to stay, the bars are awesome, the pools are amazing., and for the most part the staff is friendly..

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Grand Palladium Palace Punta Cana

jenniferdY8860VY (Calgary, Canada) on Apr 01, 2024

Well what can I say this property was absolutely spectacular. I had read lots of reviews before hand. As we have travelled extensively. Let me tell you these people are out to lunch. On almost everything that I saw. The staff were all lovely and helpful . NO one constantly bugged us. Yes we had a few venders on the beach but you just say no gracias and they move on ! The grounds are absolutely beautiful! Very well manicured! The pools are fabulous. Yes and getting chairs are hard you just have to be smart. Food was great! If you’re looking for a 5 star Canadian restaurant experience then I would say don’t expect that. This is above average buffet food we had for breakfast! So much to choose from! We had all the carte restaurants and liked them all. We had no trouble getting reservations but we know people that did. As far as the beach goes WOW is y goes forever you can walk for along time and still could keep going no rocks or anything in the water at all just pure sand and soft. We also had no seaweed at all they cleaned up what was in the beach every AM EARLY . And truly not much to speak of in March. Our room was a lovely beachfront ocean view room and ROSA BELLA at front desk was amazingly helpful. The only thing people might find is the shower and tub thing is a little different but I was able to shower no problem.just need and towel down so bathroom does not flood hahaha. Bed was comfortable and rooms were very clean . We would definitely book again we loved the property and beach in n this area.

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