Saab 340B

The Saab 340B is the smallest aircraft in WestJet’s fleet and is operated by WestJet Link, in cooperation with Pacific Coastal Airlines. This compact and efficient two-propeller aircraft is used on shorter commuting routes to smaller cities and towns in Western Canada.

Side view of Saab 340B

Compact, efficient size

The Saab 340B primarily services short-haul commuter flights from small and remote communities to larger cities and connection hubs. The size of this aircraft makes it ideal for use in smaller and more regional airports that may not be equipped to handle larger aircraft.

Rural and remote connectivity

Because the Saab 340B only carries 34 guests at a time, it is ideal for smaller and more remote communities with less demand for regular flights, where it would be inefficient to use a larger aircraft. This allows these communities to still benefit from regular connectivity to large hubs for business and connections, such as Calgary.


Seat map of Saab 340B. Seat information available in table below

Inflight services

✔ Inflight snack and drink options on flights longer than 50 minutes (no hot meal service available)

Limited services

Our Saab 340B aircraft are not equipped with in-seat AC power or USB sockets, WestJet Connect or in-flight Wi-Fi

Limited overhead bin space

The Saab 340B overhead bin space is often limited on full flights. Guests are encouraged to check carry-on bags for a smoother travel experience.

Exterior of Saab 340B aircraft
Tail of Saab 340B aircraft
Seats onboard a Saab 340B aircraft
Exterior of Saab 340B aircraft

Flight guide

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WestJet’s aircraft are designed with safety, comfort and convenience in mind. Each aircraft offers a unique set of characteristics to meet the needs of our guests, with a range of different offerings onboard each aircraft for different routes. Explore WestJet’s flight guide for more information about our inflight food and beverage offerings, Wi-Fi availability, the WestJet Connect entertainment system, in-seat power and USB availability, plus other in-flight offerings specific to each type of aircraft, cabin and route.

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